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After the fall of Poland in 1938, along with Germany and its ally Hungary dismembered Czechoslovakia, Poles captured euphoria.

December 28, 1938 Counselor of the Embassy of Germany in Poland Rudolf von Shelia met with the newly appointed ambassador of Poland in Iran Karshi-Sedlevskim. Here's an excerpt from their conversation: "The political outlook for the European East is clear. After a few years, Germany will make war with the Soviet Union … For Poland, it is better to conflict will most definitely be on the side of Germany, since the territorial interests of Poland to the west and the political goals of Poland in the east, especially in the Ukraine, can only be achieved by pre-made Polish-German agreement. He Karshi-Sedlevsky, subordinate its activities as the Polish ambassador in Tehran to this great eastern concept, because in the end to convince and encourage the Persians and Afghans also play an active role in the coming war against the Soviets. " This, therefore, is about the whole concept!

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland graph Shembek December 10, 1938 directs the user to the Polish ambassador in Moscow Grzybowski, "We are extremely difficult to maintain a balance between Russia and Germany. Our relations with the latest entirely based on the concept of the most responsible persons the Third Reich, who argue that in a future conflict between Germany and Russia, Poland will be a natural ally of Germany. "

In dated December 1938 report of the 2nd (Intelligence) of the Main Staff of the Polish Army, stated: "The dismemberment of Russia is at the heart of Polish politics in the East … So our possible position will be reduced to the following formula: who will take part in the division. Poland should not remain passive in this great historical moment. The challenge is to prepare well in advance physically and spiritually … The main objective — the weakening and destruction of Russia. "

However, the exorbitant greed, chauvinism and ambition as Polish and (above all) of the German leadership prevented them to create a strong alliance. January 5, 1939 in Berchtesgaden, Hitler held a meeting with Polish Foreign Minister Beck. Hitler offered him the alliance and even called to join the "Anti-Comintern Pact" (agreement signed in 1936 between Germany and Japan under the banner of the struggle against the Communist International). Beck confirmed that the Comintern in Poland and so are fighting all the methods and overall idea of the "Covenant" Poland shares, but not yet ready to seriously quarrel with the Soviet Union.

Józef Beck, Polish statesman, advocate unification with Germany (

Hitler also offered to amicably resolve the Poles traditionally separated them, "Danzig question." Danzig (Polish name — Gdansk) — an independent city-state, created in 1920 under the Treaty of Versailles on Polish territory. Most of the city's population was German. As suggested by Hitler, "the question of Danzig, you would think that the politically reunite the city — in accordance with the will of its people — from German territory, with it, of course, the Polish interests, especially in the economic field, must be fully secured . " On this issue, in response to Beck did not say anything intelligent or "for" or "against." But, God knows why, he began to rant about the Ukraine, saying that "Ukraine" — is a Polish word meaning "eastern borderlands."

But as described in his diary talks with Jozef Beck Reich Minister Dr. Goebbels'I asked Beck if they have not given up on the ambition of Marshal Pilsudski in this direction, ie, from claims to Ukraine. At this he smiled and told me that they were already in Kyiv (In 1920, during the Polish-Soviet war, the Poles occupied Kiev. — Note. Ed.)and that these aspirations, of course, is still alive today. I then thanked Mr. Beck for his invitation to visit Warsaw. The date is not yet set. Agreed that Mr. Beck and I once again carefully consider the entire range of possible treaty between Poland and us. "

"January 26, 1939 Warsaw <…> Then I again spoke with Mr. Beck on the policy of Poland and Germany to the Soviet Union and therefore also on the Great Ukraine, I again offered cooperation between Poland and Germany this area. Mr. Beck made it clear that Poland intended to Soviet Ukraine and the Black Sea, he immediately pointed to alleged dangers which, in the opinion of the Polish side would bring Poland&#39;s treaty with Germany against the Soviet Union. <…>
I pointed out to Mr. Beck to the passive nature of his position and said that it would be expedient to prevent the development, which he predicts, and to oppose the Soviet Union in terms of propaganda. In my opinion, I said, the accession of Poland to the Anti-Comintern powers does not she threatened, on the contrary, the security of Poland would benefit from the fact that Poland would have been with us in the same boat.
Mr. Beck said that he and the matter serious thought. "

Joseph Goebbels — Reich Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda in Germany (

However, it was after this series of meetings began cooling the parties to each other. On the one hand, on the Soviet Ukraine, Hitler had his own views, and to promise her the Poles, he did not. But he persistently raised the question of Danzig. But the Germans claim to Danzig and unwillingness to share the Soviet Ukraine offended Poles, and they were quick to take anti-German position. And when the Germans in March 1939, was incorporated in the Third Reich, the remaining scraps of once-independent territory of Czechoslovakia, and the Poles, you dare to seize steel mills in Czech Vitkovice, thus put out, polish "ambition" was utterly mortified. Since then, yesterday&#39;s "allies" have turned into enemies. Poland strongly refused to give Germany Danzig, concluded treaties of alliance with Britain and France. And then it was September 1, 1939, when Poland, the recent "ally" of Germany, devours with her Czechoslovakia and grandiose plans of joint "victorious" war against the Russian, suddenly became a victim of Germany …

It is noteworthy that to this day in Poland voices regret that in early 1939, the Polish and the German side were greedy, do not understand each other and agree on an alliance of anti-Soviet basis. September 28, 2005 in the official Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita published an interview with Professor Paul Vechorkevicha, who complained about the lost opportunities for European civilization, discovers, in his opinion, in the case of a joint campaign against Moscow German and Polish armies.

Edward Rydz-Rydz, the Supreme Commander of the Polish Army from September 1, 1939 year  (

"We could find a place on the side of the Reich is almost the same as Italy, and probably better than Hungary or Romania. In the end, we would be in Moscow, where Adolf Hitler with Rydz-Rydz took a parade of the victorious Polish-German troops, "- declared void sumnyashesya pan professor. Rzeczpospolita, however, noted that it is — only the personal opinion of Mr Vechorkevicha, but given the general trend of development of Polish politics in the last two decades for our country, it&#39;s hard to believe.

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