Genetic scam — an instrument of control over the world

Not so long ago I had the opportunity to chat with an elderly Canadian farmer. He bitterly told me that there is no "freedom of industrious effective owner" does not smell and close. But not only this upset workaholic-hereditary farmer. His deeply resented (and I quote it almost word for word) that he is now completely, totally dependent on certain corporations controlled by people who never in his life on earth did not work. In my bewildered question, what is at stake, he said the following.

About 15 years ago, persuasion, bribery of government, pressure from banks (almost all farmers are controlled by the bank that issued the credit they) all imaginable and unimaginable ways forced farmers to cultivate genetically modified plants, including wheat. A feature of these plants is that the next year of their seeds do not germinate. And farmers have to re-apply to producers of genetically modified organisms for new seed.

But is not the point — oblige farmers to plant only genetically modified seeds, and the mechanisms to do so — the mass.

The second — almost completely destroyed the seed fund of Canada, that is reserves "normal", non-genetically modified corn, which kept the farmers for the next harvest. Specially hired people watch the farmer in any case did not sow seed for future harvests. He should buy only from monopolists. In case of refusal he begins a very serious problem — "Stand" with sales, refusal to sell chemical means of plant protection, which are in the hands of the same corporations, problems with credit and agricultural machinery and so on. This pressure is extremely strong and even breaks the most stubborn. According to the laws of Canada sagging bankers Jewish lobby these issues are the responsibility of corporations and the state has no right to interfere in them. It is a trap from which there is no escape.

"If a corporation decides to destroy Canada, the next year will not be stocks of grain for seed, which is only at the end of the Corporation and that — because even if someone accidentally and there is a handful of grain, that's not what the country — the province will not save . Corporation specially produce only a seed that does not germinate ", — explained the farmer.

He admitted that he himself was forced to submit to the "new rules", even though I knew it was a full, absolute bondage, and the lid traps the peasantry (farmers) can snap shut at any time. This means that the cover is a mouse trap snaps shut and the whole country, who refuses to use the "regular" wheat in favor of genetically modified. Of course, such a country is unlikely to Canada, let alone America, but Russia — easily. As we can see, in order to completely put the country under control, it is not necessary to surround her ring of military bases to target nuclear missiles at it, and the like. There are far more sophisticated and effective ways. In addition, even theoretically corporation holding a sword of Damocles over any country in the world. The method does not lose them, only one — not to start the game.

Issues of biotechnology and genetically modified foods takes a lot of companies, but at a certain point in time, about 15 years ago, like a jack-the-box popped up hitherto unknown company with huge financial resources. They just bought or destroyed almost all competitors. Just ten firms in the world control more than 40% of the total production of genetically modified corn, which gradually becomes dominant in the world. And interestingly, most of these companies are owned by the same people who are just figureheads of certain financial-industrial groups. The largest and them — well-known in the world and the Russian company "Monsanto".

As the executive director of "Monsanto" Bob Shapiro, who know the people called "very suspicious director" (which is suspicious, it is quite clear):

"It's very easy to make a lot of money on the most basic human needs — food, clothing, shelter."


«It is truly easy to make a great deal of money dealing with very primary needs: food, shelter, clothing.»

Bob Shapiro — one of the most important figures in the lobby for "infertility technology (truncation of reproduction)" ('Terminator Technology'), I.e. the production and plantation crops infertile. "Monsanto" — a very influential company, it is backed global financial-industrial clans, the largest bank capital and private clubs around the world. "Monsanto" focuses primarily on the control of the markets of the Second and the Third World. And Russia, as you know, in the best case belongs to the second world. The farmers have no other choice but to refer to the "Monsanto". This is akin to those accustomed to the drug. But more important is the control of entire states have policies. It is engaged in the WTO.

The people who understood what was happening, sounding the alarm, but their voices are almost unheard of in a specially raised information noise. Subject food security and standing behind her clan — virtually taboo in the media, government sites, journals and so on. Where miraculously manage to say something, immediately appear crowd manipulators and hired talkers are professionally zabaltyvaet theme of lies and absurdities. Subject specially profaned and ridiculed. Done anything to prevent the discussion of the very activities of financial groups and clans, and if necessary, played "anti-Semitic" card, as the key figures in the companies that produce genetically modified organisms, are people of Jewish nationality.

This is what informed those who are professionally engaged in the issue "genetic fraud":

"The use of genetically modified crops threaten the survival of farms not only in the South but also in the North. Manufacturers are attempting to ban farmers to use as seed grain harvest last year. Thus, farmers are deprived of the rights they enjoyed for hundreds of years. "

This is indicated by the farmers themselves, as reported by a number of sources:

"Companies such as" Monsanto "make attempts to tighten control over" their "seeds to farmers through direct prohibition to save any seeds for planting at all, even for their own personal use" (not to sell products. Approx.'s Website). " "Companies that specialize in genetic engineering and its allies are moving quickly that would deprive farmers the possibility of using natural seeds. (Do not genetically modified. Approx.'s Website). In the future, the company is likely to use its political and economic influence in order to achieve this goal. "

It may be added that in fact at any time, in any country, which will become dependent on corporations like "Monsanto", can be arranged in a man-made famine, both local and global a variety of purposes — "adjustment" of the population, according to the ideas of Malthus and political pressure on the leadership, "soft genocide" recalcitrant people and so on. Control of industrial crops such as cotton and oilseeds will lead to the fact that at the crucial moment the government would no powders, solid fuels and so on.

It should be noted that the last 15 years have made enormous efforts to eliminate genetic seed bank of Russia, in particular, such as the famous Vavilov fund to close the door to the theoretically possible revival of Russia. This time for good.

The most carefully masked purpose is that the main purpose of the "Green Revolution" is the elimination of competitors who dare to be independent. To do this in the course are all means, for example in Scotland, a group of judges and lawyers have been completely devastated farmers who dared to plant a "normal" seed potatoes.

The farmers simply have no choice but to use the "green death" — sterile plants.

These "seed" of the company is a mortal threat to farmers who dare to sow "the seeds of the living," they will do anything to live cultures have disappeared forever.

In light of the above it is clear that the wave of information about the risk or safety of genetically modified foods, and raised in Russia and around the world, paid for by its class. The very question that people slip into a false dilemma: "the usefulness or harmfulness to health of genetically modified foods" is a special operation to cover up the true objectives of the organizers of this truly monstrous act — full control over the food security of many countries and, in particular, Russia.

When comes to the people that it is not so simple in this propaganda campaign, they shoved a second dummy that looks to "explain", but is simply the next line of defense, following a false target. People say that some "corporation" just want to make enormous profits, so hurry and "progress." Like, what with the businessmen to take, always want to cash. However, the situation is much more serious. Yes, of course, the monopoly will receive a staggering profits, as they will completely control all stages of food production and consumption — from sowing seeds, control of land (through the banks and the system of loans to farmers), the pledge of the means of production. But again, what are the ongoing biotechnology revolution — not in this, not in money but in power. Will have the power — and the money will be. The more power — the more money. And the absolute dependence of all the rest. For the first time in the history of the farmer will lose the opportunity is not something that sell the product, and even sow.

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