Georgias economic miracle

We looked to where the presidential finger, and very surprised … Before us, like a frame from a promotional film, shining lights embankment, consisting of an endless avenue of palm trees entwined with lights and hotels. Landscape resembled a promenade on the wealth of the Arab town of Batumi resort … we were struck. Such a number of buildings under construction the last time I personally witnessed in Shanghai. On the waterfront hotels were represented virtually all the world's major networks. Rapidly erected Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental — and attention! — Bvlgari! In Sleepless, bathed in lights, and filling the disco music was felt in scope, in comparison with which our friend Ramzan Kadyrov, nervously smoking in the vestibule.

K. Sobchak

The liberal media is constantly telling us about the Georgian economic miracle and brilliant reformer of Saakashvili's team, who were able to destroy the crime, fight corruption and other stuff. Especially love to push the fact that the Georgian traffic police do not take bribes. I'm afraid to upset followers of the Rose Revolution, but the secret of the lack of bribes in Georgia is that the people have nothing to give them. Just briefly on the results of the Georgian government of Pinochet.

1. Saakashvili had the most large-scale privatization in world history. By 2009, it was privatized more than four thousand objects. In private hands have been transferred substantially all existing enterprises, including strategic — factories, infrastructure, ships, timber, water, fish, roads, health facilities and education, 66% of the available agricultural land, etc.

2. Well, maybe the proceeds from the sale of all that has happened, the Georgian people will live happily ever after the next 100 years, while again some barbarians, such as Russian, it is not set up new factories, hospitals, ports, etc. Not the same. During his reign, Saakashvili managed to gain external debt of $ 10.5 billion, which is almost 100% of GDP in Georgia.

3. Well then, maybe, the Georgian people had the opportunity to squander the money in style today? No! The average pension in Georgia — $ 70. Salary — $ 300.

4,5,6 … For a long time, not to take your time, add to this the only three facts:

— Unemployment in Georgia 50%

— the number of prisoners in 2004, an increase of 500% (one in Europe)

— of Georgia has left 1.5 million people (out of a population of 4.5 million)

In the end I want to wish all of our liberals to experience the wonders of the Georgian economy on their skin, but not in our country. As the saying goes — a suitcase-Station Tbilisi.

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