German politicians after Obama supported same-sex marriage

German politicians have supported U.S. President Barack Obama, who first publicly called for the legalization of same-sex marriages. Germany's Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle, in particular, called it a "courageous decision" and added in English «It's okay to marry gay» (Marry gay — this is normal). Westerwelle himself in 2010, living in a marriage with a sports manager Michael Mrontsem (Michael Mronz).

The Minister made this statement "on behalf of the government of Germany." According to him, the opinion of Obama's consistent with the policy pursued by the German government and most of the Bundestag.

The representative of the faction "Left" in parliament Barbara Hel (Barbara Hoell) said that Obama so he sent message to the international community and its words are heard in Germany. According to her, the times have changed and the discrimination of lesbians and gay men should be done away with. She suggested a vote in the Bundestag on the resolution of homosexual marriages.

The representative of the "Green" Volker Beck (Volker Beck) is also required to legalize gay marriage. He noted that German Chancellor Angela Merkel, too, it is time to publicly advocate for gay marriage.

In Germany, lesbians and gay men can register their relationship, but their unions do not have the same rights as heterosexual married couples. Limits apply to tax payments and the right to adopt children.

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