Ghost Train. From nowhere to nowhere on a train.


Evidence of the existence of phenomena and events that go beyond common sense, a lot. Palm to keep the ghostly people — dying, the dead and the living.

They are followed by the ghostly animals — domestic, wild, or some other-worldly. Do not remain in the side of the house, cars, planes and even tanks, and if you're lucky, you can see the ghost town and wander through its streets, and some even managed to communicate with its citizens. So why not fly out of nowhere to nowhere ghost train?

"… The edges were lost, melted in the air — the vague and fuzzy. So on one side there was such a head of the train — a locomotive with antediluvian spotlight ahead and klochkastym plume of smoke above the combustion chamber, the engine ran on the bridge out of nothing, and pulled it did black cars with pads front and back, with a chain of window lights not bright … It was not a mirage. In the land surrendered fractional rumble of wheels, came the smell of burning coal … "- V. Krapivin wrote in his book" Pigeon on the yellow meadow. " Is the writer met with a mystical train, or is it a figment of his imagination, is not known, but the fact that the compositions are not marked in any schedule and do not recognize any schedule, from time to time there — a fact quite famous. Amazing train purposefully seek somewhere, and they can not stop.

The starting point is 14 July 1911. It was then part of the tourist trehvagonny left the Roman station. This flight was arranged by "Sanetti" for wealthy Italians, so that 106 passengers could see the sights surrounding the new section of road. The train was approaching the super-long (for that time) kilometer mountain tunnel in Lombardy, when strange things began to happen. According to two passengers who jumped in fright on the go, all of a sudden covered with milk-white fog. As you approach the tunnel fog thickened, turning into a viscous jelly. However, the train has entered a tunnel, but on the other hand so. not appeared … Locomotive and three cars have disappeared without a trace. The notoriety of this section of the road forced the railroad to abandon its operation, the tunnel is laid with stones.

However, in the 40-ies of XX century mystic train suddenly showed up there, where from Europe has not yet laid railway lines — in the capital of Mexico. The notes of the famous Mexican psychiatrist Jose Saksina contains information about how, in Mexico there were 104 Italian. All of them were in a psychiatric hospital, as claimed, arrived in Mexico City from Rome … on the train.

Much excitement this event then for some reason, did not cause, and even more so for a long time no one has connected the missing Italian tourist train and the exact number of remaining inside it with the number of passengers "gone mad."

It is believed that the change of the Roman continent by train is not an isolated case. In North America, there is the legend according to which the funeral train of President Abraham Lincoln is still wandering around the railway lines of New York State, although the date of death of the president has been more than a hundred years. American artist Michael Roff tried to sketch this phenomenon with the words of several eyewitnesses. In his illustration shows locomotive and the same three car …

It is extremely puzzling event occurred in 1929 at the railway station in Zurich. Go to the platform from which a few minutes ago departed express arrived composition of several long blue cars and luxury red-black locomotive, which gave a loud whistle. The attendant at the station and locomotive engineer some time with undisguised surprise, looked at each other — the duty wondered what kind of train and where does it come from here, the driver — what is this plant and where it originated in their way. Finally locomotive, emitting clouds of smoke and steam went out of the station, fast typing speed, and soon disappeared from sight. The attendant hurried to inform the station on the route of an unknown train, but as it turned out, to the nearest station structure is not reached, as if it vanished into thin air …

Such "rail Legends" can be heard around the world, according to the country's existence they may appear abandoned train secret Hitler's headquarters (Poland); composition, collapsed into the river at the time of the accident on the railway bridge (Romania), "train Pavel Korchagin" in Ukraine, hospital train, got bombed at the end of the Second World War in Germany, a mysterious train from Colombo (Sri Lanka), and many others.

Particularly strong statements on such topics belong to Nicholas Cherkashin, who many call just lucky hoaxer. He has written several articles about the disappeared Italian train, one of them is called "Skull Gogol under the English Channel." It told that it was in the ill-fated Italian train was traveling student Yanovsky, whose brother (great-nephew of the H-Gogol and naval officer) brought from Russia stolen skull writer to put him to the ground in Italy. Why it took the young man as a strange object in a pleasure trip is unknown, but it was he who was among the two lucky ones who managed to jump off the train. Since then, the skull Gogol travels the globe in a ghost train. At least documented cases of it [the train] repeated appearance of Poltava, in his homeland, in the little station Zavalichi, and. 1940, on the eve of the birth of Adolf Hitler's ghost train appeared on the top-secret one-way street leading to the rate of the Fuhrer. Also, the ghost train was seen in a railway tunnel under the English Channel.

Saw this train at Balaclava .. They say he has to "go" on the path of the former railway, which the British had from Balaklava to the Italian camp on Mount Gasfort. And in 1999, a mystical train appeared under the hawthorn. This development in the Soviet era was known to all who read the novel Ostrovsky, "How the Steel Was Tempered". As you know, in the early 20-ies of XX century in the area Komsomol really narrow-gauge railway was built to supply the freezing Kiev firewood. Residents Boiarka always proud that their city worked in Komsomol members, led by Pavel Korchagin. But now rumors that the city has a ghost Pavka catch up on their fear. Those who had seen a ghost train claim that the cab driver is a young man in a Red Army uniform and Budenovka. This is a real train, consisting of a small sample of those distant locomotive years and three wagons loaded with firewood. Steam locomotive, rattling, passes right by svezhevspahannomu field, without leaving any traces, the driver repeatedly beeps, and then train undergrowth into thin air. Local people know about regular appearances trains, but is afraid to talk about them even reporters. Perhaps because of that, the district has spread a rumor that an unbaptized soul Korchagina (people somehow forget that this is just a fictional character) condemned sky lifetime ride on a steam train.

Some researchers believe that this hronomirazh that may well occur in the frosty air, but so far no one has ever heard of a mirage, which would be accompanied by a sound and seismic (shaking of the ground) effects. And even more strange is that it is possible … leave. So, September 25, 1991 Chairman of the Commission for the Study of anomalous phenomena at the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Vasily Leschaty waylaid by a mysterious train at the railway crossing in the village Zavalichi. He jumped on the bandwagon and … more of it: no one has seen … — Those wishing to continue the study of this phenomenon has not yet found. Moving on duty near the village of Poltava region Zavalichi Elena Spiridonovna Chebrets argues that train with tightly closed curtains, doors open and empty cab driver this time is moving silently, pressing with chickens wandering throughout the web.

In shock, and the driver was a freight train that February 2, 2002 was approaching the station sliding passenger (Ukraine). Suddenly, there was some fifty meters … composition is clearly pre-war building — a locomotive and six or seven cars! When a collision seemed inevitable, the composition as mysteriously disappeared …

Still, scientists are trying to somehow explain the appearance of a mystical train in different parts of the world. Railroads, they say, is thick and intricately braided continents web of rails, and that, like any significant transformation of the space, and caused the temporary anomaly. Extra-long tunnels, super-deep shaft, ultra-high tower — all of these spatial tumors vary, though not very noticeable, the passage of time. The railway network is perhaps the most massive creation of mankind. The metal net covering with varying density of our continents, no doubt, affect the natural geophysical field of the Earth, and hence its chronal processes, that is, the passage of time.

Renowned expert in the field of topology, associate professor of Moscow University, Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics, Ivan Petrovich PATSEY writes that "the railway network — the network is not planar, and spherical, and she repeats the curvature of the globe. And where the plane goes into a sphere, there is a three-dimensional space becomes two-dimensional, and vice versa (recall the Möbius strip), that is, the rail network has a border-blending at least two, but for the most part — a few spaces … "

Italian same phenomenon, there was another explanation. Shortly before the disappearance of the Roman trains in Italy was a strong earthquake with an epicenter near Messina. Perhaps the monstrous cracks and gaps emerged not only stony ground, but in chronal field. If the assumption is that there is formed a "wandering chronal hole", which could move the train out of our ordinary three-dimensional space into the four, where time (chronal field), in addition to duration, gets a new feature — depth. Therefore, the composition of the ill-fated, dropped out of "their normal vector of time, become free to move from its present, as in the past and in the future."

In conclusion, we note that, according to some scientists, the phenomenon of ghost train is more related to the category of topological anomalies, rather than to the banal mysticism.

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