Ghosts are protesting against the destruction of the cemetery


23.10.03, the


Do they believe the skeptics, or continue to deny the existence of the afterlife, but the guests from thelight no-no and will visit the sinful earth, and even among people linger long, frightening and disturbing the peace of the inhabitants to their views and extravagant antics.

Spirits of the dead, who for various reasons do not live in any heavenly gardens or the infernal pans, folk legends called ghosts. Do they exist in reality, or is it just fiction, the author does not undertake to judge. As they say, until I see myself, for sure I will not say. Until now, thankfully, God spared your obedient servant from meeting with visitors from another world.

However, employees of the museum, located in an ancient castle of the Polish city of Przemysl, in Carpathians region, it was possible to feel the effect of violent nocturnal spirits. Ghosts managed to scare so the rangers that they refused to compulsory night shifts — just not to meet once again in a white transparent varmint.

According to witnesses, at night in the castle unexplained phenomena. By itself, the light goes off and the lights, open and close the taps because of the locked doors and sealed distinctly hear the human voice, the sound of footsteps and the sound of weapons.

It is remarkable that, until recently, in the castle of Przemysl any paranormal phenomena were recorded. It is located in the western part of Poland Gniezno raging knight's castle ghost Yellow Lady. The Lady in the Middle Ages had executed a jealous husband. The accusation was false, the woman was faithful to her husband, and in revenge for so unfair to his attitude now she is haunted by all who cross the threshold of the building.

In an attempt to explain such a drastic change "prividencheskogo" status of the castle, some experts on the paranormal dare suggest it's all about standing on the site of the church and the cemetery. During the construction of the castle and the church and churchyard were destroyed. So now roam the corridors of the castle souls of those whose graves were destroyed by the builders of walls and towers. But why the ghosts began to appear in the castle only a few centuries after the destruction of the cemetery, no one can explain.


 Alain FURMAN,

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