Giant trees dying because of climate change

Giant trees dying because of climate change weather and climate

As the observations of experts, has recently risen dramatically deaths of giant trees and trees with an impressive age. This fact can not be taken calmly, as together with the tree-giant killed an entire mini-ecosystem, as in the crowns of trees and their roots live several species of birds, many insects and other living organisms.

This problem applies to almost all existing types of forests in the world, say the Australian University of James Cook and his colleagues in Washington, USA. Their research, they started with a forest in Sweden and for the beginning of his observations have forests in 1860
The researchers noted the alarming mass extinction of large trees whose age is 100-300 years, at any latitude in Europe, North America, Africa, Asia, South and Latin America as well as in Australia. At greatest risk are the Australian mountain ash, the North American pine, redwood from California and baobab from Tanzania.
As it turned out, fires are virtually nothing to do with, as giant trees continue to be lost to 10 times faster than normal even in those periods when the fire in the forest are scarce. To reduce the number of such trees is clearly influenced by a combination of several factors, including global warming and massive deforestation for industrial and agricultural expansion.
If the planet is losing its forest giants, then 30% of the birds and animals on the ground just a place to live, and they can also be killed by speeding up the collapse of the global ecosystem. In addition, large trees regularly replenish the planetary carbon stocks, soil fertility substrate and positively impact on the hydrology of the area. They will not be, there will be a balance in nature.

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