Google sponsors the volcanic energy production

Google is sponsoring production volcanic energy to save the planet

Large global companies are making a lot of effort for material support of clean energy. Microsoft, Facebook, Apple and Google are also interested in preserving the environment with "smart" technology. At the moment a lot of attention paid to the problem of volcanic energy.

Google the company and the Department of Energy, it was decided to allocate 43 million dollars to support the geothermal project in Oregon, which is developing a cost-effective and environmentally friendly source of energy. The experiment involved AltaRock Energy of Seattle and Davenport Newberry Holdings LLC of Stamford, Connecticut.

Work will be conducted on the sleeping volcano Newberry, located in central Oregon, USA. The process of obtaining energy is very simple. Special groups of people will have to download the inside of a volcano 24 million halons water to produce steam, the energy from which will go to heat homes and businesses.

Despite the fact that the proposed method of production of clean energy and more unconventional is under development in the history of the planet are already examples of volcanic activity in the fuel. So, in Guadeloupe for two decades there was a real geothermal plant. This kind of energy is more reliable and predictable than solar or wind. Therefore, they are interested in Oregon and California a few years ago, but the development of the projects have been suspended due to safety concerns. It is believed that the water content of volcanic vents can cause devastating earthquake.

To use the proposed technology of clean energy production requires huge amounts of water, which can also be a barrier to its implementation. But the researchers see a way out of the situation is to dig up a special tank from fully degradable plastic polymers.

At this point in Oregon is conducted only for the initial training on the use of tests to confirm the volcanic energy efficiency and the approval of investors.

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