Graceful eruption on the Sun was caught by NASA spacecraft



NASA spacecraft that tracks the sun, took amazing video of solar eruption, which occurred on the surface of our star this month.

In this video, which NASA presented on March 28, demonstrated solar prominence — a fine combination of superheated plasma and magnetic fields — sending jets into space solar material.

NASA scientists have given this solar storm nicknamed "Graceful eruption» ("Graceful Eruption"). It happened on March 16 and was caught by NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory, which regularly take photographs of the Sun in high resolution.

"Solar Prominence crouched in front of us in a courteous, graceful bow — and then broke apart, less than four hours," — written by representatives of NASA in the description of the video.

The sun is currently in an active phase of its 11-year cycle, and it is expected to reach its peak in the cycle this year. The current cycle is called the 24th solar cycle.


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