"Green" roofs can increase solar panels

"Green" roofs can increase solar panels to save the planet

Two recent studies have shown that plants which are both on the roof and gardens and solar cells, can improve the performance of the latter, thus saving on energy bills. The effect is due to the fact that plants with a "green roof" due to the natural processes of water absorption and its subsequent evaporation significantly cool the air around them. And as we know, the performance of solar cells is increased in cooler conditions.

According to preliminary data obtained in a group of students of the Academy of design and construction of the Bronx, performance indicators, set on a "green" roof of the solar battery is 3% higher than for those that are normal. Open the effect young scientists and their teacher has received a grant of $ 100 million and will represent its opening in Abu Dhabi at the annual "World Summit on the energy of the future" January 15, 2013.
But this bonus that a person can get from the neighborhood "green" roofs and solar panels, not the end. "Live" Roof improve performance solar battery that filter out dust and other contaminants from the air to the photovoltaic process was as correctly as possible. This will allow the battery to increase its efficiency by as much as 16%.
Of course, much depends on the types of solar cells, the characteristics of the roof and plants growing on them. But the fact that their synergistic cooperation brings only positive results, there is an obvious fact that humanity must immediately start using.

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