Gulf of Mexico: Letter to the Management Committee on Claims Against BP

Silence. Indifference. Hiding. Oblivion. False. Bribery. Threat. And here is another open letter, which — as well as other — Is likely to remain unanswered U.S. authorities. Almost two years after the start of the accident on a floating drilling platform "Dipuote Horizon" in the history of this greatest man-made ecological disaster and planned international media have almost no recall — none of it, nor of those who suffered and continues to suffer from its effects. We hear reports of a deferral of court hearings so the eight alleged billions of dollars that BP promises to pay back the hostages and victims of its ecocide to sort everything out of court. On the other hand, more and more appear facts and evidence about the real causes and objectives of the global security operation.

March 15, 2012

Dear Members of the Steering Committee on claims to BP,

You do not know me, and if not gross and reprehensible violations "British Petroleum" (BP) related to the oil disaster "Dipuote Horizon," you and me would not know. But you have to get to know me.

The fact that I — a law-abiding taxpayer from the upper middle class, armed and devout family man, whose blossoming 38 years to break out of the old life for a whole year because of health problems. [And the problems these] are the result of the impact [on me] oil dispersant vapors and fumes from the burning of crude oil in the place where I live near the coast.

I'm not just a victim of the disaster BP. I survived it! I also lived through a hurricane "Katrina" when the ocean came to me in my home in Bay Saint Louis, Missouri. Mississippi. Do you know where struck by hurricane "Katrina"? I can tell how a tornado roared, and the walls "go shake" before rushing meter waves splashed in my front garden. I tried to escape by swimming, and much else at this point, but is not the point.

The fact is that I would rather agree to survive another hurricane — the same as "Katrina" or more powerful than ever again go through what made me survive BP!

What is so terrible BP did to me, you ask?

First, BP crude oil burned [in the Gulf] and spraying dispersants that are in the air reached our surroundings. The result of this was that my auto-immune disease, which is called Crohn's disease, dwells in remission 20 years broke out with a vengeance. Add to that the departure from chemical inhalation of these very toxic substances. We should not forget that for a long time, the smell was so, like standing in the parking lot of trucks or even worse. And every day that we breathe. In my new house, which only a few years, the air was the same. When I passed her blood for analysis in February of 2011, in my body still recorded notable and alarming concentration of volatile organic compounds!

In June of 2010, after I had been exposed to this stuff, I have a bloody diarrhea. I remember that during the approximately six weeks of torment, [accompanied] eruptions of blood and blood clots, I was sitting on the toilet and literally feel the life out of me and I thought, "Lord, is this what women experience?" In the end, somewhere in the autumn my bleeding was stopped with a cabinet of tablets that I had to take several times a day. I felt like a pensioner who has to carry a work diary [on schedule with] drugs!

This battle was long and exhausting, but when I'm in Christmas of 2010, lost his mother as a result of autoimmune disease Lupus (lupus), My body is exhausted the entire stock of its strength and failed. I have developed a terrible pneumonia that did not pass. Of [the results] magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) [indicated that] in some places my lungs are covered with scars, but I was told that all will be well. It's scary — looking at the images of his lungs with wavy lines on [the surface] and hear "all will be well."

I was prescribed all kinds of antibiotics, and the last two drugs were costly, from the category of "last hope" — like levakuina (Levaquin) And some others whose names I do not remember. And this is another one of my current problems: problems with memory and various kinds of disorders resulting from the initial and continuing impact [of chemical compounds associated with the oil spill].

Behind the long and difficult journey, and my blood tests look much better now — thanks to one doctor, who lives 100 miles from me, which helped me to understand the pieces of the puzzle. And they indicate that all these troubles are caused by the influence of crude oil and dispersants.

To top it all, I lost the place where he worked 10 years, and I remained unemployed in April [2011] and February of this year. Thanks to their savings I was able to provide and pay for a mortgage, and food on the table. I was trying to regain their health, having no insurance, no income. But then — despite the fact that my health has never recovered — I had to go back to work to keep a roof over their heads and feed their families. Yet I will continue [to fight].

As you can appreciate that, through what I went through? What price do you charge for what you see as your family, neighbors and friends also suffer from various symptoms of this toxic nightmare, what happened here? How much is that when you go with your family to the Gulf, and is forced to contemplate all sorts of dead marine life, an unusual new [maritime] foam, resembling an oil emulsion, an unusual new green algae or eyeless dead dolphin? What money measure of beached sea turtle, critically endangered, which is still as signs of life? When you have to jump into the water and help it avoid drowning in anticipation until help arrives.

And what is the price of a sandwich with baked myagkopantsirnym crab, oysters and sharp bacon on toast or fried or boiled shrimp, from which you may have a reaction to the crude mixture neftekoreksitovuyu, which they now eat? Will you serve your family for dinner seafood from the Gulf — if it is fair? We'll have to think about, huh?

At what rate as low as telephone conversations with his best friend, who was also injured in the crash, and the condition is getting worse and worse — from bell to bell?

So I do not know, but I'm sure someone will be able to calculate it all on the court, where the need to understand all this mess. We need help. People are getting more and more sick. Your friend, who had just been in good order and enthusiastically worked hard at work, suddenly starts talking as if he was about to die — and this just after an agreement is settled out of court. "Kickbacks" for it will not be enough. And those who have it all arranged, must confess to the crime and be held accountable for their actions.

Our ancestors now, must be turning in their graves, knowing that any UK company can come here, deliberately and recklessly loot in our Gulf, ditch it, and then try to play in the legal and technical games in order to avoid Reckoning! And anyway, why do I even have to write this letter? Where the legitimacy of the eleven people who died on the drilling platform? Where justice and fairness for my friend, my family and wildlife?

I will continue to send you pictures of this ongoing devastation and destruction, it became clear to you why you can not afford "to settle" is without a trial, why BP has to pay for everything she has done, and for the future consequences of this.

Thank you.


Charles Taylor (Charles Taylor)


Additional pictures can be viewed Charles Taylor in his article that relate to the continued use of koreksita called "News from the Gulf BP: how actually looks like the beach?. "


February 27, 2012 news site «ABCNewspublished Fresh pictures PJ Hahn (P.J. Hahn) On the continuing effects of BP oil spill in the National Nature Reserve on the island. Cat Island, pieces. Louisiana. On the frame — the remains of the deceased animal, immured in a carpet weathered oil stranded on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Soon, this material has been removed from the site, on the same link, he is no longer available.


That's the beginning of January 2012 looked one of the cards (So far!) Contaminated parts of the coast of the Gulf (Plakeminz, pcs. Louisiana). But one of the February Movies, taken at a Florida beach (Youtube). During his second this year, flying over the Gulf (29 February 2012) Bonnie Shoemaker pilot took off again at Photos and Video plumes of fresh oil on the water surface near the sunken rig BP. Visual collections "scenery of the Gulf of Mexico" for the last three months can be found, for example, on the blog A map of the recently captured oil pollution, in particular, can be viewed at #. As you can see, not much has changed.

How many times have sounded right words, How many times in response to them were given assurances and promises. And it was repeated again …

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