Happy birthday, Nikolai!

March 20, 1804 in the village Sorochintsy, the son of middle-class landowners birthplace of the great Russian writer Nikolai Gogol

Gogol Nezhinskaja graduated from high school science, served as an officer in St. Petersburg at the Department of principalities. During this period, Gogol tying extensive literature dating, in particular, VA Zhukovsky, P.A.Pletnevym, Alexander Pushkin. His tales, first on the theme of Ukrainian life, and then deeper works Petersburg period, the writer has quickly gained popularity.

But not only literary works, including such immortal works as "The Inspector", "Nevsky Prospect", "Taras Bulba", "Dead Souls" and others, became famous writer. Gogol has left its mark on Russian philosophy and ideology of Russian conservatism. Of particular importance in the work of Gogol are Orthodox and journalistic works "Selected Passages from Correspondence with Friends" and "Meditations on the Divine Liturgy."

In the "Selected Passages from Correspondence with Friends" great Russian writer said: "Thank God above all for what you are Russian. Unless will love Russian Russian, will love and all that they have in Russia. This love is God himself … But Do not fall for Russia, we do not love their brothers, but not to love their brothers, we did not catch fire with love for God and not vozgorevshis the love of God, do not save you. "

Not a few thought Gogol and religious themes: "A complete and comprehensive view of life left in the Eastern Church — in her scope not only the soul and heart of man, but also the mind in all its supreme power," — says the writer. "The Supreme court of all is the Church," "The Church is one strong enough to solve all the nodes of confusion and questions of us." "There is within the grounds of our Mediator, which is visible as long as not all of it — our church …

It usually steering wheel and the coming new order of things — and the more I enter into her heart, mind, and the meditation, the more amazed marvelous possibility of reconciliation of the contradictions which can not now reconcile the Western Church … which only pushed humanity of Christ. "

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