Heavy-duty materials for aviation and space technology developed in Russia

Obninsk Research and Production Enterprise (SME) "technology" has developed a mobile heavy-duty composite materials for aircraft and space vehicles, reported the press service of the holding company "PT Himkompozit."

"The combination of high strength, heat resistance and dielectric characteristics makes the cell developed by promising to make head-fairing aircraft and missiles, as well as details of the radar antenna systems," — said in a statement posted the company's website.

It notes that the company developed a unique steklosotoplasty based on quartz fabrics traditionally used instead of glass fabrics have improved strength characteristics of the product by 40-50% compared to the series-produced honeycomb core.

"Replacement of the phenol-formaldehyde binder polyimide in cell aggregates on the basis of insulating tissue significantly increased thermal stability steklosotoplastov obtained without changing the margin" — said in a press release.

According to the press service, fiberglass honeycomb cores are widely used in the power of three-layer aircraft structures and can significantly reduce the weight of products, to provide high strength and reliability.

Obninsk NPP "Technology" design and mass production of polymer composites units for launch vehicle "Proton", "Angara", details of fifth generation fighterPAK FA. For civil aircraft industry company produces elements sound-absorbing panels SaM146 engine nacelle for an aircraft "Sukhoi Superjet 100", as well as non-metallic parts of the tail-term MS-21.

"RT-Himkompozit" — the holding company "Russian Technologies", which consists of businesses and research centers for polymer composites. Holding company engaged in the development and mass production of high-tech products for the aerospace, energy, chemical industry, defense and other industries.


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