Hell in a child magician (Contacts children with subtle world)


13.10.03, the


Ian Stevenson of the University of Virginia (USA) analyzed more than six hundred cases of "rebirth", most of which have a strong and compelling evidence. It is noteworthy that, according to the researchers, the memory of past lives is often available to children recently, "who came" to our world from another world.
That's right — as the recent "alien" from another plane — view of children and the ancient esoteric philosophy and the modern psychic. Who is the baby from this point of view? A newborn baby, unlike adults, are open or ajar higher cha-wing, energetically linking the kid with the Cosmos It is these chakras give one parapsychological abilities — clairvoyance and astral vision, clairaudience, the memory of past lives, etc. So, the baby is able to see the creatures of the astral world that is not available to adults.
Simply put, children have the astral vision and a special, natural connection with the inhabitants of that plan. When they say, "Mom, you're gone, they came to me to play a little girl," or, "I've seen gnomes in the closet", it's not just their imagination. Children, unlike adults, do see a lot. So parents, instead of being a deaf ear "this nonsense" must listen carefully and write down the stories the child. In the future, these records will help you understand many of his problems appearing character traits.
Here is an example. In one family of four kid, after watching on television Kashpirovsky sessions, became the "issue" parents are things that they just clutching at his head. It was not just in hysterics and deliberate effort to make some nasty things, which he had not had a child. Alexis said her mother, "I want to be a black man." A frightened by the question "Why?" said, "To kill people."
Later, my parents began to notice that the favorite child does strange things: upsetting chairs, clothes and throws things on the floor and at the same home says: "Do not touch, let it lie." Angered by any member of the same family, the baby began to walk in front of him or around him, "eight", clearly adhering to the route. However, he mumbled, and then at home began to get sick of fishing. All these parents thought, of course, children's fantasies, but one day my mother Alesha, accidentally opening the book by the famous magician, read with amazement that, wanting to bring misfortune to someone's house, witches quietly penetrated into it and scattered objects on the floor, overturned chairs, violating the order and "destroying" the space. Describing as "eight", Alexis committed ancient magic tricks, designed to captivate the victim sorcerer.
Having made this discovery, the boy's mother asked the astrologer and asked to explain the strange behavior of his son. In her heart she was sure that the child "jinxed" Kashpirovsky. However, it was difficult. In the horoscope of the boy was the so-called
"Black Moon". Many astrologers regard it as a manifestation of an indication that the child is in a former life was a black magician. Teleseansy Kashpirovsky awakened in him the information prior incarnation. On top of that, you should not worry. Well, that time parents noticed the child appeared strange and did everything to help him. And if it had not happened? ..

"Interesting newspaper" № 1 (112), 2003

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