His television appears in the Moscow metro by January 2014

Watch the news and other social programs passengers will be able not only at the stations, but even in the train cars.

As it became known, recently announced a tender for the right to broadcast in the Moscow metro. Under the terms of the contest to create a channel must promptly inform passengers about the current situation in the capital — the traffic situation, accidents, show city news, talk about innovation in the metro, including the actions of the passengers in the event of emergencies.

One of the conditions of customers — that much of the information broadcasted on TV was clear to passengers in silent mode. Should be a lot of information graphics with data on the transport situation in the city, weather forecasts, currency exchange rates. News releases — at least once per hour. And they must include captions with text information, duplicating, complementing visuals.
TV will work as self metro, from 5.30 to 1.00. For television monitors and increased demands. They need to be vandal-proof and do not have a harmful impact on passengers. Screens are supposed to hang in different places — on platforms in the interexchange passages, halls and even in cars. The main thing is that the design does not interfere with the movement of trains and passengers can not cause glare surveillance cameras, and did not violate the waterproofing of underground. In September, is scheduled to begin installation of the equipment, and the TV will launch in January 2014.

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