Holy work! (STORY) Zadornov

The last day before Lent, we decided to celebrate with friends. Still ahead was to purification. Is not that the reason was to drink vodka and eat pancakes? All dreamed gorge so that during the whole of Lent — 49 days — there is no longer wanted.

Indeed, the next morning is not wanted. Thirsty. And it was a sin to begin Lent on his injured head. The priests say at all — for the time that you are sick, you can not follow the post. It is necessary to take medicine! The cure for me that morning had a beer.

Of course, pleased that she had a headache I have not one, but everyone who yesterday marked the beginning of Lent. The first call from my friend Sasha.

— What are you doing?

— I sit.

— On what?

— At the post.

— Let's go sit in a good location, lovely pub know. There's beer is divine. Non-divine, you know, now we can not — the post! Besides, I have since yesterday bulk of pancakes left. Sin throw!

By the evening we were joined by other "sick." And also with uneaten pancakes. We were treated beer, finishing their pancakes before the end of the week. To start a post on the weekend was unreasonable. Over the weekend in general you should not start any business. Bad omen. Worse than a Sunday morning to meet the dead man with a bucket.

In the evening of Sunday, we have amicably marked the end of the first week of Lent. I even told my best in life toast for the post!

— The main thing during Lent — is to repent! And how can you repent if you do not sinning? Let us drink to the fact that we always had what repent!

On Monday, in spite of the fact that I was sent on a business trip, I firmly held the post of the day to the hour of the day. At the hour of the plane became distribute food. The stewardess asked me why I did not open the table. I proudly replied:

— I'm at the post!

As a true literate Orthodox, she was surprised:

— Do not you know, those who are in the way, the Lord permits the post break. You are at home?

— No.

— So, on the way! — Doobyasnila it.

I ate and the portion, and a neighbor who she, unlike me, do not believe it. In a way I was a week. Start the post had to be moved to the next Monday. When I returned, my friends demanded note the successful landing. Indeed, at the time of landing the plane was shaking, so that night I could not drink vodka for the health. After all, vodka — the product is quite lean: it has no meat, fish, or even sinful milk …

Then there was the traditional fish day, so we had a snack of traditional Russian fish — sausage. The sausage was even more lean than vodka — it was less meat than in fish: starch, paper, sawdust …

A week later I went to work in the bus. That is, again, was in the way, so take sandwiches with him on a bus.

On Saturday, a Sunday, our company all the staff go out of town to celebrate the christening of the main shareholder. It was unforgettable, especially when four priests were trying to put it into a font. Have you ever seen the dough does not fit in the pan? As for it not to drink? Especially in the evening my father allowed himself to all break the fast with joy that he was able, with God's help and the three guards pull our chef of the font-pan.

Next week, all of a sudden emerged from somewhere Passover. Even more surprisingly all of my friends were Jewish. They convinced me that I was in profile like a rabbi. It was enough that I was drinking the whole week. After Passover began Catholic. Friends recalled that even though they are Jews by birth, but by religion — Catholic. Led me to the mirror and were able to prove that the profile more than a rabbi, I look like a weather vane of the Catholic cathedral.

After such a shock I was eating and drinking like do not eat or drink during Lent, even the holy fathers. Before the Holy Week, I strongly called my mentor, my father, that he immediately let go of me all the sins of gluttony, at least on the phone. He asked me to list everything I ate during Lent. I have listed. He was silent, swallowing saliva. Then he said:

— Immediately come to me with all the sins, we will deal with them together!

The morning of the first day of Holy Week, I started bout of pancreatic cancer. And so strong, I called the doctor. The doctor was an ardent atheist:

— Are you at your post?

— Of course, our people are always on duty.

— I thought so! — Not a little angry with him. — That you from malnutrition. As soon as possible, start there. All right?

As we do not understand? A blood test resembled a death sentence with a small delay. So I did not dare to disobey the doctor and after his departure he began to eat. I ate so much like eating only Russian tourists abroad, first hitting the buffet.

And then … Then there was our beloved Orthodox Easter! How could I miss it? Holy work! In addition, all of my Jewish friends Catholics in the soul-that were Orthodox. In my heart, we had a light and Orthodox. Someone even told an anecdote:

— Father, father, tell me, during Lent Babu something you can?

— It is possible, but not fat!

In general, I do not particularly grieved, because for the Russian people is most important during the post properly hold two days of Carnival and Easter. And I succeeded!

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