Homodictatorship in Europe and its prospects in Ukraine

Press conference on the theme: "How to destroy the structure of foreign Ukrainian state policy in the sphere of family and morality."

Special guest expert Alexander Spak, a lawyer and political analyst in London said that the homosexual community in Europe were able to achieve that basic sound arguments about the family of a man and a woman are seen as evil and intolerant. Until a few years ago about this no one could have thought. To date, Western society quietly accepts immoral arguments and twisted facts, but people expressing their opinion about sexual ethics (not consent to the adoption of children by homosexual families, unwillingness to match same-sex couples, etc.) appear in court. According to Spak, all of this may well expect Ukraine in the near future. Despite the rejection of perverse ideas most sane people, these laws are gradually coming to the different countries and irreversibly change the culture and way of life of the community.
The greatest danger lies in the active influence on the psyche of children.

Since homosexual activists do not see the point of debating with the elderly, today the focus homosexual community — educational processes in schools. In Europe and the United States is focusing and large-scale work through mandatory attendance of lessons and groups that conduct or gay sympathizers liberals, talking about same-sex relationships in a positive tone. Also published massively homo-lesbeyskaya children's literature: books and encyclopedias for any age, where simple and accessible language tells you how to live well with two moms or two dads.

"Outrage" — you say, "tolerance" — Europe will respond and give your child in kindergarten fairy tale "about two lovers princes."

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