How does a premature baby

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Even quite full-term infants sometimes scare new parents with their appearance — fromjournal-art puhloschekih babies, they are very different. What can we say about the premature babies, according to the laws of nature are still some when they should have been my mother's warm womb!

Head of such children disproportionately large, immature skin — very thin until translucent, glossy, soft, without any fat, so wrinkled. The body is abundantly covered by original guns, and a large degree of prematurity at this fuzz can cover and face. Marigolds are very thin, do not always reach the fingertips. The boys often testicles have not descended into the scrotum, and the girls are underdeveloped labia. The vocal cords have also not developed as it should, and the voice of premature babies quieter and tinny than normal.

Arms and legs are long and thin. Ears are also very thin and soft and firmly pressed to the head.

Breath in preterm infants may be quickened, superficial, not rhythmic. Deep premature babies at first can not breathe on their own, and then connect them to the respiratory equipment. Little by little pipsqueak develops this difficult science. But children weighing up to two kilograms sometimes have fits of asphyxia (acute hypoxia) — for a few seconds, they stop breathing and turn blue. Typically, self-breathing is restored.

Alimentary system still does not work in full force. If premature babies can not suck on their own, they are fed by tube or intravenously.

Tonus, usually too different. He or reduced — and then baby lies with outstretched arms and legs, or the opposite — increased (limb very firmly pressed against the body, as in the embryo).

Cardiovascular system still not perfect. Hence, heart palpitations and high blood pressure. In a premature baby can occur so-called Harlequin syndrome — if it put on the flank, blood pours down, the lower half of the body becomes bright red, top fades, and the boundary between contrasting colors goes exactly in the middle of face and body. It is not dangerous. Carefully turn the baby on the back, take your hands or just leave to lie naked in the warm. It will be pulled by moving the arms and legs, and blood flow is restored.

Heat regulating center has not yet formed completely. Premature kids hardly generate heat and easy to freeze. In contrast, overheat premature crumb is very easy as the sweat glands have not earned in full force. Therefore, immediately after the birth of such children are placed in special incubators, which maintains the same temperature — about 36 degrees. For a variety of treatments in the incubator has holes, ledges connected to various devices and sensors (temperature, humidity, control breathing, blood pressure and heart rate). Sometimes incubators supplying water beds — it should remind the kids to a state where they were swimming in the amniotic fluid. In the incubator babies are protected from infection (immunity because premature babies are very much reduced). When crumb discharged home, it will also need to be protected from infection by preventing contact with others (other than the parents and pediatrician) people.

The overall development delayed by approximatelyhalf or two months. But by the third month of birth weight has doubled in the fourth — tripled, and by year — increases4-6 times. Every month aborted child grows up to2-3 cm (for the year by about24-38 cm), and by three years of his weight and growth is approaching to that of children born at term.

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