How does the identity of the person under the influence of alcohol

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Alcoholism — a disease that results in the destruction of not only the body but also his mind, his personality. In this case, do not suffer only the alcoholic, but also his family and circle of close friends, of course, is not related to alcohol. Changes in personality becomes a drunkard at the first stage of the disease. The patient has narrowed the range of interests, hobbies disappear almost everything not related to alcohol. All topics of conversation gradually flows into conversations about alcohol, how well has recently had a drink with friends or as a drink will come next time. Every holiday or social event be evaluated only in terms of opportunities out there to drink. And the end of the working day is also perceived only as an opportunity to get to the nearest tent or shop and buy a drink.

At this stage, there remains a critical relation to the situation, man tries to drive away these thoughts, but it is quite difficult. He is still able to feel a sense of shame for his behavior, and the criticism from the irritant. Therefore, all the alcoholic begins to spend more time with such as he, or more dependent where they feel safer and more confident. If treatment is not started, and no action is taken, the psychic and physical dependence are enhanced, and only originated the process of changing a person's personality markedly accelerated and exacerbated. Personality alcoholic radically restructured.


Treatment of Alcoholism

The conclusion of the binge

Psychiatrist at home

Blockade of alcohol dependence

Detoxification and Coding

In the second stage begins to show a gradual coarsening of the soul, one after the other erased emotional reactions, subtle feelings and emotions that occur in humans when communicating with the outside world, making it a variety of communication, emotionally saturated and bright. Alcoholic less time spent with family and friends drinkers, trying as much as possible out of the house for a drink. To do this, it looks resembling pretexts that would justify it at least in the eyes of friends and relatives.

Lying, cunning and resourcefulness — these are common to all alcoholics. At first it appears rare that needs to be explained later returning from work or spending large amounts of money. Such a lie often easily exposed by others, but it allows you to maintain at least the appearance of normal behavior. Eventually alcoholic ceases to feel ashamed of his lies, and at the same time to stop lying on the little things. He openly makes money out of the apartment, and then the things that you can sell. Most often there are false promises an alcoholic to stop drinking, start a new life, he gives only to achieve its goal.

In the third stage of alcoholism changes in personality develop into an alcoholic alcohol degradation. Coarsening of the individual turns to violence, which is most often seen in relation to the family, and even to children. The patient disappears sense of duty, responsibility, formed indifference to loved ones selfishness. At the same time develops extreme mood instability. Great mood, recklessness, complacent attitude towards all can dramatically replaced captiousness and aggression. Everything in life is replaced by the challenge of finding unique ways to get alcohol. Over time, the alcoholic thinking is becoming more primitive. Amplified personality traits such as aggressiveness, nastiness, bitterness. At this stage, the patient can tolerate physical abuse of loved ones. In most cases, family members can not stand this behavior of the alcoholic and the family falls apart. Treatment should begin as early as possible, as long as until this matter has not yet reached until the patient can still find someone you know.

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