How much cost for the U.S. Hurricane Sandy?

How much cost for the U.S. Hurricane Sandy? Natural disasters

Supershtorm Sandy put New York real super-bill of $ 42 billion, bringing more damage than the infamous Hurricane Katrina. In order to maintain the city has already raised funds of funds, where money is kept for emergencies.

Sandy impact on the city in some of the nuances had even worse consequences than Katrina, which caused devastation of the American east coast in 2005. Although the list of victims of the Katrina was much higher (1 833) than in Sandy (about 110 people), property damage to individuals and businesses was much greater.
According to preliminary estimates, the total cost of restoration costs in New York and neighboring New Jersey was 62.61 billion dollars, although mpustya a while it became clear that this amount will increase and will have to take money out of the reserve funds. The total cost of the restoration of only the New York State came to $ 32.8 billion, and another $ 9.1 billion was spent on prevention. If Washington did not follow federal aid, in the home state would not be able to cope.
While Sandy was not just ordinary architectural buildings, subway systems and fuel and electricity, and even the famous Statue of Liberty — a symbol of New York City and across the country. By an irony it would soon open after the regular restoration, but because of Sandy sights again need repair.

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