How much gasoline in Europe?

Norway, which is the world's fifth oil exporter, led a global ranking of countries most expensive gasoline in the domestic retail market — 77.77 rubles per liter. The corresponding estimates of experts published today in London. They are converted into Russian rubles at today's exchange rate to the British pound sterling.

At the second position went Turkey, where a standard liter of gasoline for the West without the addition of lead is now 76.82 rubles. The three leaders Short Netherlands — 70.18 rubles per liter.

Next, in descending order followed by Italy — 69.23 rubles, Greece — 68.76, Denmark — 67.81, UK — 67.34, Sweden and the African nation of Eritrea have the same price a liter of gasoline — 66.86 rubles. Top ten finishes Belgium — 66.39 rubles.

British experts have calculated also the size of the family budget, which goes to pay for gasoline at current prices for it. When calculating annual mileage of cars taken in 19 thousand kilometers.

This ranking was headed by Eritrea with 61.1 percent of the total household budget. Followed by Turkey — 34.2 percent, Greece — 25.4 percent, Italy — 15.5 percent, United Kingdom — 10.3 percent, the Netherlands — 10 percent, Belgium — 8.7 percent, Denmark — 8.1 percent, Sweden — 7.7 percent, Norway — 7.4 percent.


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