How much water today barrel …

How much is now barrel of water ...Over the past few years, the 10-s the world's population is accustomed to the fact that natural resources can play a very important role not only in the development of one or another country, and are able to make a real prerequisite for starting a large-scale military conflict. And if more than a century back the main natural wealth that lies in the depths of the Earth, including precious metals (gold and silver), the 20th-century landmarks in a meaningful way modified. Without diminishing the degree of reverence on the part of human affairs to the same gold for first place went quite another natural source of real income: Oil — Gold "black." Virtually instantaneously in the world, new geopolitical "players" that can lay out the ace of trumps in the form of millions of barrels in solving a number of issues, from cash to social and territorial.

Our forefathers gave the world into our hands, which lives from one to another oil war, and if it happens suddenly, and a short break, then in its course, we discuss: how to take, how much to take, one has to take, and who did not take, who to sell and who will not sell. And it — of course, on the hydrocarbon feedstock, upon which the economy has a huge number of states (and even entire regions of the world), including the economy, and while Russia.

And all this is happening against the background of the fact that the world's population understands nebezrazmernost bowels of the earth, filled with "black gold." About avoiding oil "addiction" they say now all over the world, but venture into real steps in this direction can allow themselves to far not all. In our country, where the oil business is concentrated in the hands of not so many people as in the Gulf countries, the discussions on the revision of the percentage impact of hydrocarbons on the growth of the economy are intense, but further discussion is not included. Turn away from that lured the town for many individuals involved in the petrodollar bag, like death.

But driving the endless debate about oil and its impact on the minds of the people, the same people constantly forgets that not counting the world's oil and other riches there that have the propensity to exhaustion, as well as accidents hydrocarbons. One of these resources is drinking water. In the minds of many people who are prone to enrichment at the expense of specific natural resources, has long will sing the idea seems to be to do an established full-fledged trade and drinking water on the same scale as the sale of hydrocarbons. If there are raw materials, the raw materials it needs to sell — that's the basic idea of business naturalists.

And after all hitch with the lack of truly can grow, if not already escalated, a global one. Despite the fact that the lion fraction of the surface of our planet is covered by water, only 2.5% of the total weight of the water of life refers to the drinking water. All other — salty seas and oceans. Many will see that from the salt water people learned to get fresh water, but here it is necessary to take into account a number of specific limitations. In-1's to get as much fresh water that will cover all the needs of the world's population semimilliardnogo have to build an unlimited number of companies involved in desalination. In 2-x if really build up the whole planetoid such plants, spending huge amounts of money, it is still necessary to take into account the need for large-scale use of energy to get rid of water from salt impurities. And here some solar panels without the use of hydroelectric power plants of the same will not do. Going out to reincarnate salt water into fresh water often have to use the energy of fresh water rivers, generated by the hydro. Overall, if not a closed circle, the situation is obviously not conducive to the fact that the world's population will soon learn is 100% support themselves with fresh water by artificial means. We should not forget that the process of desalination of sea water does not always lead to the desired results.

Israel is not the first year, a fairly large percentage of fresh water required to obtain concrete from sea water, desalinating it. But far not every government in the Middle East has the capabilities of high-quality large-scale desalination of sea water, which can be used not only to meet the needs of people in the life-giving moisture, and for agriculture.

Israel, like the coming of its neighbors in terms of security or insecurity problems of drinking water can be called indicative states. Still in the process of the Six-Day War, Israel launched a series of attacks on the foundation built on the Yarmouk Syrian dam. After that Dayan Israeli general said that an airstrike virtually rescued Israel from the danger of being cut off from aqua resources. Since then, Israel has been developing intensively aqua deposits, which, I must say, it is trivial to provide its population and agriculture with fresh water. The issue is exacerbated shortages of drinking water each year, because the lack of drinking The problem of water is becoming global.

South-East and South Asia are currently in such a situation, when the shortage of drinking water may suddenly break all economic development plans. In this regard, there are again monumental plan that is necessary to turn the river back. At the time, Russian administration has tried to implement a terrific idea that Obi is necessary to "take away" for about 7% of its "product" for a year in order to redirect this water mass in the direction of the Southern Urals and Central Asian Republics. Then the question had to be delayed not because of, as they read, concerns, environmental specialists, and because of the obvious lack of funds.

At the current time, a similar idea of trying to bring to China and South Korea. Chinese thought, which apparently resembles the idea of Russian favorites, due to the fact, that fresh water to saturate the northern provinces of the country, who are in dire need of that resource. The fact is that the Chinese authorities want to use as agricultural land not only those provinces that these are, by definition, and many areas of Inner Mongolia, where drought — a common phenomenon. Prior to 2070, China plans to izderzhat more than 60 billion dollars in order to keep out a certain percentage waters Yellow River, Haihe River, the Yangtze and Huaihe towards the north. In just the first few years after the start of the project had to be moved from their own "old neighborhoods" places more than a million inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom. But a project to "rethink" of current direction is stately rivers for China may be the only salvation in the future. Already, more than 1.3 billion population of the country has to pay their attention to the austerity of fresh water. And if China wants to continue to position itself, including, and as a world agricultural power, the concrete itself, it would seem very adventurous plan to turn rivers, may solve the problem. But even if the rotation is perfect, no one can guarantee the excellent environmental problems. Lowering reset waters Chinese rivers to the sea could lead to such a phenomenon as excessive waterlogging large areas that are now the factory and tourist zones.

Turn the river back, and South Koreans are trying to not only get a sufficient amount of fresh water in certain regions of the country, and to transform the landscape of the entire country. In the view of the Korean chapter star
ts a 'turn', Lee Myung-bak, the country is reincarnated with a burgeoning garden (something we've heard this before). And maybe the Koreans with Chinese all in fact turn out …

Severe problems with water shortages occur in a number of African countries, but the greatest fear among professionals is not even Africa, and India. It is predicted that within a couple of 10-s years, India will become the most populous country in the world, ahead of China. And if nezapyatannoy with excellent drinking water prepyadstviya in India are observed at the moment, it is difficult to imagine themselves what they may leak to the same in 2030.

It would seem that our homeland in this plan again on a stallion. According to the number of stores of fresh water we give only the Brazilians with their Amazonia. But everything is not as clear as it might seem at first glance. It turns out that more than 90% drinking Water belongs to the flow of the rivers, carrying its own resources in the basin of the Pacific and Arctic oceans. And regions that are more densely populated, enjoy only 10% of supplies of fresh water. Because frequent in our country, water shortages especially in the summer time.

It turns out that there are no problems with fresh water only in Antarctica …

But scientists have come to a conclusion even more disastrous: the quality of fresh water every year compounded. This is influenced by the increasing emissions and discharges of industrial companies in rivers and freshwater lakes. With increasing number of the world's population problem with aqua resources could become even more acute than hitch supplies of oil or gas.

Because if they believe calculations of economists and ecologists, the cost of water will be in the coming years, only grow and grow harsh pace as the value of environmental damage from unreasonable use of aquatic resources.

Yeah, the water planetoid — a serious matter …

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