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"Now is not up to fitness, we need to save," "Before buying meat and fruits and vegetables, will now have to go for bread and pasta, "" Always want to have, I can not help it "- these phrases today, you can hear more and more often. And no wonder — the court of the economic crisis.

About how, in spite of the problems piled up on us, keep in shape, says Mariyat Mukhina — physician reflexologist, PhD and author Golden Needle ® methodologies Dr. Fly ®.

— Mariyat, is it true that in times of economic crisis, people are beginning to gain weight?

Yes, such a trend can be observed. If earlier the prosperity associated with fullness, but now the picture is the opposite. Affluent have a normal body weight, or even lower, and among those who are pressed for money, high morbidity rates of obesity.

— It turns out that the man, who turned sharply on the rocks can start gaining weight?

That's right. Moreover, this applies not only to those who are in response to the crisis have lost their jobs, but also those who are afraid of losing it. The fact that increased body weight, primarily affects stress mood body. Now many people have activated the memories of the early nineties and defaulted when the country was going through hard economic times …

On the one hand, the stress can intensify the processes of deposition of lipids. Figuratively, "anticipating the famine, the body begins to store fat," because it is the most energy-intensive product (released by burning fat 9 kcal, while burning carbohydrates and proteins only 4 kcal). So arranged by nature, evolution. However, restimulation of stress may lead to the activation chamber in the cortex polyphagia.

— What is the focus of polyphagia?

In the hypothalamus, an appetite center exists which is responsive to reduction of the concentration of glucose in the blood. Decreased concentration of glucose in the blood, it analyzed the chemoreceptors, gave a signal to the hypothalamus and the surrounding area, a man was hungry — he already activated feeding behavior. This occurs normally.

When stress activated appetite center, which also is not in the hypothalamus and in the cortex, and it is not related with the reduction of glucose concentration — this hearth polyphagia. It sends a hunger signal when a person lacks endorphins — "happiness hormones". The man is full, but constantly hungry. And eats. A lot. So the body tries to compensate for the lack of positive emotions during stress.

— It's not like people have now become more …

This is misleading. For example, 90% of the people who come to the clinic ORIGITEYA ® to lose weight, they say that eating a little. But when you start to talk specifically what they consume per day — enough to obtain large amounts of food that are not adequate energy costs! The stress a person simply can not ignore the amount of food eaten.

If we raised the topic, it does not get better in a crisis, it's my first piece of advice — to take control of their eating behavior.

— That is to get rid of stress. Easy to say, but how to do? Do not drink the same anti-depressants?

Antidepressants — not a cure for stress, this therapy despair, is resorted to when all else fails. I would recommend a more physiological methods of desensitization of the body to the stress load. For example, herbal medicine — various soothing fees, teas and preparations based on medicinal herbs. Also good effect giving a massage and thermal treatments: Russian baths, sauna, Turkish bath, in extreme cases, a hot tub or a hot shower at night. Help exercise: let the adrenaline, which is a lot when stressed, is spent on the work of the muscles, and does not cause vasospasm and tachycardia.

— Now many refuse lessonsfitness centers — Expensive.

If desired, you can deal with at home, and a walk in the fresh air does not depend on the budget.

— Mariyat, and what would you like physician acupuncturist, recommended for people who are under stress?


Your method of Golden Needle ®?

Depending on the formulation can be applied different methods prolonged effect on the acupuncture points, including a method needle Gold ®. I mean, our new development — a program "Anti-stress". Its essence lies in the impact of the special point of the ear, indirectly related to the limbic system, which are synthesized by those same endorphins, which we lack in stress. As a result of a reflex is stimulated by the release of hormones of joy — a feeling of lightness, improves mood, stabilize appetite. Obsessive desire to "jam" the stress disappears. The needles are placed on3-4 week. This program should have from 500 to 1000 RR (depending on the formulation and volume of the treatment).

The output of the stress — it's the best thing you can do in a crisis. Anyone who is inclined to a set of extra pounds in a critical situation, I would advise to go through the program "Anti-stress", and then maintain weight (and nervous system) using simple household recommendations.

— By the way, on the recommendations of the household: because of the economic crisis, many people tend to change their diet to cheaper products, more fat, more "starchy" (bread, potatoes, pasta, etc.).

Of course, with a sharp decrease in the budget is a great temptation to go for cheap and high-calorie foods. But we must understand that it is fraught with overweight and do not solve the problem, because the nutritional value (content of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates) in such products is quite low.

— How can that be?

Only one way out — no matter what continue to be fed to the full.

Proteins. Per kilogram body weight healthy person requires 1 gram of pure protein per day. As protein products, such as meat, fish contains only 30% pure protein. So on the day of a woman weighing 60 kg is necessary to eat 180 — 200 grams of protein products: 50 in the morning (meat, fish, chicken, seafood) and 150 in the afternoon. Cottage cheese contains casein — a protein of cow's milk less full, so it is recommended to consume in large quantities compared with other forms of animal protein.

Carbohydrate. Norma — 600 grams of foods high in carbohydrates a day. It is desirable that two thirds of them were fresh or boiled vegetables and fruits — they contain the necessary body fat. For bread and pasta should be allocated no more than one third of all carbohydrates. If fresh fruit juices you now seem to be unduly expensive, then vegetables such as carrots, beets and cabbage are available at a price — with fresh vegetable juices have no less nutritional value than fruit.

Fats. Fat diet must be carefully (volume about 2-3 teaspoons a day), they contribute to the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. Otherwise, the person will be there, and some of the nutrients will not be absorbed.

— That would beanyone crisis came up menu that is useful, inexpensive and does not get better!

It has been thought up. I invite you all to the site clinic "Origiteya" in the section "Diet Fly", where you can find a variety of low-calorie recipes low-cost meals.

Source: Clinic "Origiteya"

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