How to avoid injuries, roller skating?

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In the spring and summer in the street a lot of boys and girls, famously driving around on roller skates in different designs. Young skaters can be found in the most unlikely of places: on a dirt road and the roadway, in the park and on the subway escalator, even in a trolley or bus.

In recent years, Russia is a hobby has become a truly colossal scale. The impression is that the commercials have become blue dream of every teenager. As we follow the fashion, as always, are lagging behind other countries. The rollers are in the world for almost 240 years. Their story began in the second half of the eighteenth century, when they were invented in Belgium. However, very popular, this invention is not used, despite the fact that the Belgians had a presentation in the capital of the British Empire. At the time of the commercials somehow forgotten. The first indoor ice rink for skating appeared in the same London until the first half of the nineteenth century.

We have, unfortunately, the opposite is true: first, there are people on roller skates, and later began to reflect on the construction of tracks for skaters and protect them from injury.

Where to roller skate?

If you bought your child roller skates, then, before you try them out, tell the child where possible and where it is impossible to ride:

  • It is not recommended to drive on rollers on the ground, on the roadway, the cabin urban transport or train station and down the stairs or ride the escalator.
  • It is best to go for a drive on rollers somewhere in the park on asphalt tracks in the stadium or in the yard, if the yard is quiet and no vehicles.
  • Children of preschool and primary school children should ride under the supervision of their parents.
  • It is risky to be worn in school corridors on the rollers, as you can cause injury to teachers, companions and most fun to break.

Where to buy roller skates?

This is best done in a specialty store or a sporting goods department, where a competent dealer will help you choose and pick up the goods skates on foot, will tell you how to brake. When buying look for smooth sliding rollers are properly locked in the boot leg. Good idea to know about a guarantee on the goods and the possibility of replacing parts as the rollers are not acquired for one season.

Good purchased along with skates andset of remedies. It should include knee pads, elbow pads and preferably a plastic helmet (you can do yourself with fingerless gloves to protect the hands.) Now, many manufacturers produce skates along with a means of protection from injury. From the purchase of rollers on the market at incredibly low prices should refrain: most likely you will try to foist substandard goods.

Types of injuries and protection

Set of remedies can prevent the most dangerous types of injuries that are most often children, roller-skating:

  1. Bruises and a concussion. Can protect them from helmet.
  2. Contusions and abrasions of hands and feet, as well as the dislocation of the forearm bones and sprains wrist, sometimes combined with torn ligaments. To protect the child from such injuries to wrap the wrist with an elastic bandage.
  3. Falling on an outstretched hand, not only frequent dislocations of the elbow, but fractures of the neck of humerus. Falling on the elbow fracture is fraught with the elbow. This is a very dangerous injury: even qualified traumatologists during surgery is not always possible to gather joint, besides long course of rehabilitation. Just from these injuries and protect elbow pads.
  4. If you fall on the knee may be three types of injuries: injury the knee joint, sometimes with subsequent bleeding into it; fracture, which can lead to restriction of knee flexion; meniscus damage and ligaments of the joint. Such injuries are treated for a long time and can remind myself many years. To prevent them, there are those Knee.
  5. No less threatening injury — fracture or ligament damage to the ankle joint. This occurs when the foot is poorly recorded in the boot and the fall leg tucked inside. This injury treated for a long time, and later remains limited mobility of the joint, severe pain when walking and changing weather. In order to avoid such injuries to carefully selected shoe to the foot, and see that tie the shoe was attached securely.
  6. When riding on the rollers need to be very focused and careful not to stumble at high speed onsome subject stomach. You can still lacerated spleen, intestine, liver damage. The easiest of these injuries — a bruise anterior abdominal wall. When riding on the rollers and happens to fall back. The result is a tailbone injury, fractures of the pelvis and spine injuries. Unfortunately, the means of protection for the spine skaters had not been invented.

Help with roller injuries

Abrasions and bruises can be easily treated with disinfectants at home or in the clinic. But in the case of injury, torn ligaments, fractures need to contact the casualty department at the hospital. If serious injury is an urgent need to call an ambulance, which will take the victim to the emergency room or in the casualty department of a hospital.

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