How to eat in foreign resorts

Ahead of New Year holidays, and on February 23, March 8 and May holidays. The long-awaited holiday weekend is traditionally carried out in many trips to different countries, and not very exotic. How to eat when traveling abroad, it does not hurt your stomach, do not make the body suffer from intoxication and not gain extra pounds? These and other questions will help us to answer physician reflexologist, Ph.D., author of a unique technique Golden Eagle ® Mariyatt Mukhina.

— Mariyat, share, please secret of how to eat on the go?

?The first rule is, wherever you are, at home or at the resort — I'll give a very well-known recommendation to the risk of being far from the original, but studies have shown that it is being overlooked by 50% of respondents — is to wash your hands before eating. At first glance, usually funny, inspires a child, but too often we ignore this simple rule. And for good reason, because our hands — this is a real breeding ground for germs. Microbes in a foreign country differ by species of the phenotypic characteristics of the microflora, which for years and decades exists around us. They are, in simple terms are unfamiliar to our body and therefore may cause a negative reaction in the form of indigestion or worse, depending on your immune system. This simple rule is better to observe, the more it is not difficult.

?And let's just that still do not — drink tap water. Of course, in Europe it is more a formality. But in Africa or Southeast Asia, so you can seriously poisoned. So drink only bottled or boiled water!

?The second rule — not the acquaintance with the local cuisine with its most extreme manifestations. Do not just rush to eat frogs, locusts or snakes. You'll get used to the first common dishes. They still another water formulated with other ingredients with other oils, etc. Speaking of spices — sharp is not always bad. Know more acute the food, the less likely she poisoned!

— And what is necessary to eat, not to gain extra pounds?

? Try to stick to your normal diet. Vegetables, fruits, soups, lean meat, seafood and fish. Of course, it's hard. You all day running around the museums, parks, hikes, hungry, ran into the first cafe on the road, and there …. Parses a wild desire to eat everything fatter, thicker, and more! Try to pull yourself together and take advantage of the following advice — no need to order everything at once and a lot of dishes at the same time: first, make a salad and soup, then it is important to pause and listen to your inner feeling. It may be that your body is satiated and you do not want to overload it with food.

Remember that there are human physiological scissors — the time gap between the stomach and over-saturation. So you can feel full much later than you stopped eating here the main thing to stop in time to avoid "overdose" in the amount of food. Give yourself time to enjoy the food and feel it, and the volume and quantity.

If you suspect a long trip for the day, bring a bottle of water, dried fruit, apple (required mytoe already!) Or any fruit in the skin — banana, orange, tangerine. This is much better than snacking in the near stall cheeseburgers, chips and Coke.

— Perhaps even on vacation you need to follow a diet?

Certainly. Breakfast, lunch — lunch — lunch — dinner. The body must be supplied frequently, but in small portions, so there is no sense of hunger and temptation it to "seize" with anything. But usually, breakfast and dinner are always present, but with lunch and afternoon snack problem. If you assume that you can skip lunch, take a good breakfast. Set a reminder on your phone or ask friends to remind you about dinner time. Even a glass of fresh fruit juice healthier than no eating of dinner and later for dinner.
Remember that from the point of view of nutrition milk, juice, yogurt — it is also food, so do not neglect tea "Five-o-lock" with milk or drinkable yogurt in between.

— What else to do you have to?
No matter what country and in what climate you are sure to have a lot to drink. In addition to preventing dehydration, along with the water cleans, products of metabolism, stimulates the kidneys and liver.

Eat fruits, especially in exotic countries, only pre-wash them thoroughly. Pineapples and other exotic fruits stimulate metabolism.
Perfect to eat fish and seafood — they contain easily digestible protein and high-density lipoproteins, which are very useful to us, as the split cholesterol in the body.

If the country where you are there is a good spa treatments, massage — look where they are made, after long walks.

Seaweed and mud spa treatments also increase metabolism by sucking the skin much they contain trace elements and vitamins. By the way, well a lot of walking — in addition to physical activity is a good way to get rid of excess weight.

— But at least in the end of the trip you can try exotic local cuisine?

?If you really want it, you can.
But be careful … It is desirable that the next day you had planned a fun trip for the whole day. Find out what are the ingredients in your meal, whether you have an allergy to them. Find out the calorie content of food selected. Do not swallow the whole batch at once entirely, cut off a piece, posmakuyte wait. I hope you get pleasure from the most unusual recipes, become a true foodie. After all know the country is impossible without exploring the local cuisine!

— Imagine that we comply with all of your recommendations, and yet somewhere poisoned … What to do in this case?

? You always have to take a first aid kit. The doctor will tell you what drugs should be there in case of first aid in case of poisoning. The following items are absorbents: activated charcoal, smectite, enzymes — such mezim, preparations containing beneficial bacteria for the stomach — Linex, Hilak drugs from dehydration. If you have chronic disorders of the digestive system, you need to carry with them the medicines which have been prescribed by your doctor these diseases. If poisoning drink more water, it is good to drink detoxifying herbal teas — they quickly eliminate toxic substances from the body.

— Mariyat, can you advise where to go, so just do not get better?

? In our clinic, the development direction of the spa treatment, which helps to combine business with pleasure. That is travel and leisure with a weight loss program. Many of our customers are very satisfied and went ORIGITEYA clinics and intensive programs of health and beauty in Baden-Baden and Montreux. Mountain air, hot springs, rich cultural program, spa sessions, reflexology, massage — all this is the best promotes relaxation, recreation and putting in order the organism. And what could be more important than taking care of your health and beauty, combined with the perfect stay in an interesting place!

There are contraindications.  Should consult a specialist.

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