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More recently, it was thought that taking care of your appearance — it's just for women, men well enough to be clean and shaven. Today the situation has changed radically: many members of the stronger sex is not only mastered the means for skin care and nail polish, but also discovered a plastic surgery.

The aesthetic surgery for men, its characteristics and achievements, we spoke with doctor of the highest category, a leading plastic surgeon Scandinavian Medical Center, Alexander A. Markelov.

— What plastic surgery today is most in demand among Russian men?

Tendency is that men today are increasingly coming to plastic surgeons for the same purpose, that of a woman. They also want to look beautiful and young, so seek eyelid — blepharoplasty, face lift for, the chin, the neck, the correction of nose, lips, ears …

— And is there any difference who operate with a man or woman?

The difference is not very large, but it exists. First, the men face a vegetation — the surgeon must take this into account, especially when lifting. Otherwise it may happen that after the operation beard suddenly start to grow in the wrong place, such as under the eyes or on the neck.

Second, the skin in men is more dense than that of women, it is also necessary to keep in mind. If we're talking about post-operative recovery, the men it often goes a bit slower due to smoking, bad habits and the fact that their skin is more susceptible to weather conditions.

Thirdly, men, unlike women, are prone to baldness. If the hair above the forehead thinned or none at all — it may make plastic, as there is no place to hide the operative scar. However, it is now developed operations that allow even in such a situation to get a good result: an incision is made along the boundary of the growth of hair (sometimes it goes almost to the occipital region). Although they are quite traumatic, but we avoid the cut on the covers of lacking hair. For our patients is very important that the scars plastics were invisible.

— One gets the feeling that the man to have plastic surgery is more complicated than a woman.

I would not say so. Just the surgeon requires more experience and professionalism. That is why, if a man decided to undergo plastic surgery to rejuvenate it is especially important to take seriously the choice of health care facility.

— Alexander Andreyevich, tell us about contouring the body. Men can do it?

Of course. We are in our medical center often do such operations.

In recent years, men are increasingly common hormonal background — reducing the level of male sex hormones. As a result of developing obesity on female type: fat is stored in the thoracic region, on the abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs. For such a man approach to body contouring is the standard — liposuction, skin tightening and removal of its excesses.

When a patient comes to us in the medical center, we, first of all, direct it to a consultation with an endocrinologist. If testosterone levels are indeed reduced, we will spend the hormonal correction — and a big part of the problem with the figure goes. Well, looks to bring to perfection will help plastic surgery.

— Suppose a man has a normal hormonal balance, but he wants to improve the shape, for example, wants to get rid of the "beer" belly. Is it real?

In men with obesity in male pattern of large deposits of fat under the skin does not happen, it usually accumulates inside — in the abdominal cavity. Liposuction is not effective here, so we do open surgery, remove the plastic seal and make the abdominal wall.

— That is, men are overweight can count on the help of plastic surgeons?

In fact, plastic surgeons do not treat obesity, they only clean the localized fat deposits. And that is not all. For example, they are unlikely to agree to make a man liposuction back — it's a thankless job. The men are already too thick skin after removal of excess fatty tissue is reduced worse than in women, and on the back — even more so. Difficult to achieve the desired result.

That's why after liposuction men often do lift and excess skin is excised. This is another "sexual" difference in plastic surgery.

— I heard that in the west men popular steps to improve breast shape, the introduction of implants. And how are we?

Personally to me with such a request had never contacted seem to prefer to seek relief beautiful breasts through exercise. But I did not just men liposuction and breast surgery to remove excess tissue in gynecomastia (excessive growth of glandular tissue in men).

Alexander Andreyevich, speaking about plastic surgery for men, you can not ignore the phalloplasty. How often do turn to you about penis enlargement?

Yes, these operations are now very much in demand. However, as always.

If you look at recent history, in the mid-1990s to thicken the penis used unsafe injection of the gel. We are talking about, so-called, PAGE — A by-product in the production of silicone. Result after its introduction, of course, was an instant, but … would be better if it was not. Gel over time, not destroyed and not excreted from the body, and, in addition, had the ability to migrate from one place to another. Even after ten years it could cause an inflammatory reaction of the surrounding tissues, giving septic complications.

Reconstructive surgery after use of synthetic gels — complex traumatic. When I was engaged in urology, I had to save a lot of these patients. Fortunately, such barbarism will not meet …

— What methods of penis enlargement offers modern plastic surgery?

Phalloplasty thickens. To make the volume to the penis introduced biomaterials (alloplant, alloderm) which do not tend to shift, over time, gradually resorbed (via 1.5-2.5 years), but at the same time replaced own tissue.

This "wrap" is safe for men and gives lasting results.

— Do you make transactions on lengthening?

Often thickening patient enough. After surgery, he feels like a complete man, he has something to be proud of. In rare cases, we do extension cords through the intersection (no traction!). The penis is so constituted that part of it is hidden, we will simply set free.

— Alexander Andreyevich, here we are saying that now is the Russian men are turning to plastic surgeons, and could cause you to compare numbers?

Accurate data will not mention, but for example, in 2000 the men to us at all, or not treated were seldom — to correct the shape of the nose or get rid of droopy ears, and are now turning. And this is a good trend.

— Which would you advise a man who wants to improve their appearance through cosmetic surgery techniques, but can not be solved?

I would have advised him to weigh the pros and cons. Remember Pushkin: "One can be a man and to think about the beauty of nails." Flip through glossy magazines. But seriously, if a man really wants to improve their appearance, I would have advised him not to be tormented by doubts, and go to the medical center and to consult with a plastic surgeon. With full information on the problem posed, decide it will be much easier.

As in all areas of medicine, plastic surgery, all individually. And no matter what sex the patient.

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