How to see the green light?

How to see the green light? It is interesting

Many people, when they go to the beach to enjoy the sunset, trying to see the green flash. What is it?

Green Ray — optical phenomenon that manifests itself after sunset or before sunrise the sun. This happens when the sun was almost completely hidden behind the horizon, and the top edge remains visible. Within a few seconds, this part may seem green. It is believed that if you ever see a flash, you can never go wrong in matters of the heart.

How could see the green light? Here's what you need to know:

  1. The day should be clear and bright.
  2. Horizon should be open (located at a great distance). Beam can be seen from the top of mountains or high buildings, and on the beach by the ocean.
  3. The sun does not blind you, do not look at it until it is almost hidden behind the horizon.

Most often green rays observed after sunset on the ocean, but more experienced may find a place on land, if the horizon is sufficiently removed. Green Ray — the result of peering into the sun through the thick atmosphere. Near the horizon sunlight refracted. Water vapor in the atmosphere absorbs the yellow and orange colors of the spectrum, and the molecules in the air scatter the violet. This leaves the red and blue-green colors seen our gaze. It seems that there are two sun — red and blue-green — which partly close to each other. Red is always closer to the horizon, so when the sun sets or rises, we see a blue-green disk — green beam.

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