How to start a new industrialization

"From November 2012 till January 2013 in Russia stated initiated or started 45 private investment of 10.5 billion dollars. Serious investment and strong activity recorded in the state military-industrial complex. Perhaps it is this segment of machinery destined to be the starting point a new round of technological development of the Russian non-primary promyshlennosti.V last few years from the high tribune talked a lot about what the new policy priority, along with social issues is the revival of the military-industrial complex and the restoration of the combat readiness of the armed forces. priority of this issue seems to be confirmed by the rapid increase in the budget appropriations for the purchase of arms and military equipment, often to the detriment of other areas of life and the economy. As the defense industry and government purchases of arms — areas extremely private and non-public, it might seem that there is not money or go out there and nothing happens, or funds have come down, but were "spent inefficiently." In general, the general public is not related to these fields, encouraging some movement there was not appreciable. 

Until recently, we have also remained in the ranks of the skeptics, because in the three years of research investment in the real sector of the economy did not find any truly meaningful or interesting or just to be a major project in the military-industrial complex (MIC). Recall that in that time we managed to collect an impressive base of 750 investment projects worth more than $ 250 billion. But now the investment recovery in the economy and came to defense. We emphasize that because of secrecy of information industry and rigor of project selection methods, we can not be certain that the defense industry in general nothing was built in the last three years. We say only that the investment projects of the industry first came to our attention, and in great quantity — four of them at 3.1 billion dollars. For the Russian machine-building — a lot of money. And it gives us reason to hope that the industry will come out of that state of suspended animation in which she resided the past twenty years. Underpins our understanding of the hope that the government has decided to invest in the sector seriously. Means there are two ways.

The first way — through the state defense order. Announced that, in accordance with the state program of armaments for 2011-2020 expenditures for the purchase of arms and military equipment will amount to more than 19 trillion. That is almost 2 trillion rubles per year! This is a huge figure, in which the first judgment of even hard to believe. For example, according to the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, the 20 largest Russian companies sold military goods in 2010 to 542 billion rubles (about half were exported). It is not fully clear how our industry will be able to manufacture a product in a while unfathomable extent.

The second flow of funds will go earmarked under the Federal Program "Development of the military-industrial complex to 2020", mainly on sustaining capital industry. Total is about 3 trillion rubles, or about 300 billion per year in investment funds and update the construction of new plants across the country. For comparison, the recent Rosstat data. Investment in fixed assets (important note: excluding the activities of small businesses and investment, can not be observed by direct statistical methods) in the manufacturing industry in 2012 amounted to 1.4 trillion rubles. Of these, the activities that can be confidently associated with mechanical engineering, went 248 billion rubles, but here only in defense companies — up to 300 billion rubles a year. It is quite adequate, even against the background of huge investments largest Russian non-defense companies controlled by the state (see Table 1), the sum of showing the public that the government took very seriously the development of the military-industrial complex.

Table 1:…tprogramm-v-2012-2013-gg/ 
Top 10 state-owned and state-owned corporations in terms of their investment in 2012-2013.

In order to effectively digest (and not foolishly spend!) Such huge volumes of orders and finance, defense industry complex, and officials will finally begin to solve two major problems of modern Russia: the fading human resources industry, particularly engineering, and the corresponding time belittled the value of Russian science, the main engine of technological progress and economic development in any country.

Over the last twenty years throughout washout occurred professionals among engineers, technologists, engineers, designers, researchers in applied engineering institutes in the age range of 35-55 years. But this is the most productive age group, besides most effectively convey the experience to younger generations. Even worse is that there is no longer a well-functioning system of secondary vocational education. Graduates of the former colleges and vocational schools are not able to read blueprints in principle. Technical colleges, technical and natural sciences has long been in demand among entrants — choose them only the least clever. A graduate of the Institute with the technical and engineering education "dismantle" the banks and investment companies. This is a systemic problem, and for a couple of years it does not solve.

But with industry-science and applied research may have more luck. Here, too, there was widespread leaching of the best shots, but not the number of publications has decreased greatly, however, has fallen markedly their scientific level. In principle, this is understandable, since the main product of scientific activity — the results of research and development — there is no demand. This demand is usually generated by industry, particularly engineering and other high-tech industries. That is why we expect that the heavy infusion of government will work in the defense industry and a new life to scientific institutions as well as small and technologically innovative companies in the coming years.

Electric Utilities

This industry — the leader of our study, it accounts for an impressive nine projects worth 14.77 billion dollars (45% of the total investment in projects that fall in this review). Again, this advantage is achieved gigantic construction projects of the state corporation "Rosatom", or rather, her "granddaughter" — "Rosenergoatom".

Construction of power at a nuclear power station, not to mention the construction of nuclear power plants in the open field, perhaps the most capital-intensive kind of project in the real economy after the construction of many kilometers of pipeline routes through half the country. On the construction of a model unit at the site operating nuclear power plant in Russia spent about $ 3 billion, and the construction of a new unit at a new venue — the 3.5 billion Therefore, each time when we were in the compilation of quarterly investment projects falls NPP power unit, power is instantly leader in terms of attracting investment. But it looks like we finally have collected a complete collection of Russian nuclear power plants under construction in. Now is the construction of three new nuclear power plants by two units each, and the four reactors at existing nuclear power plants (total investment of 31.2 billion dollars, see Table 3). Our latest collection filled up projects in Kaliningrad and Rostov regions. The total cost of the construction of four reactors at the Baltic and Rostov nuclear power plant is 12.87 billion dollars.

Baltic NPP — is a completely new nuclear power plant, its construction was begun in 2011 in the northern part of the Kaliningrad region on the border with Lithuania, 120 km from Kaliningrad. We plan to build two power units with total capacity of 2.3 GW and launch them in 2016 and 2018. As planned by the leadership of "Rosatom", thanks to the Baltic NPP in Kaliningrad will become energy-deficient region in surplus, the surplus electricity will be exported to the Baltic States, Poland, Germany and Sweden. Thus, in the region, the enclave will be a powerful new field of specialization.

Siemens joint venture and "Sinara" completes a new modern plant for electric $ 300 million in Upper PyshmeFoto granted GC "Ekaterinburg"

In the Rostov region in Volgodonsk, where to build two new nuclear reactors in addition to the two working, the power shortage is not in sight. But it is in the south of Russia as a whole, there is growth in energy consumption — a long-term trend, accompanying urbanization and industrialization of the region. Increasing the power of Rostov NPP will cover it and will create scope for further development of the southern macro-region.

Investment projects in the power sector by the private capital modestly. Still happy that they exist. Construction of power plants and is in the industrially developed region of the country — in the Urals. In the Sverdlovsk region of IES-Holding Viktor Vekselberg is building two new object. At the site Nizhneturinskaya combined cycle power plant under construction thermal power plant worth 723 million dollars. When completed, as planned, in 2015 the buildings and facilities Nizhneturinskaya power plant built 1940 will be decommissioned. This is a typical example of a brownfield-project. And in the capital of the Sverdlovsk region in the new district of Yekaterinburg Academic own thermal power station is being built for 367 million dollars, which will supply heat and electricity not only its residents, but also the surrounding areas of the city.

Table 2:…po-31-yanvarya-2013-goda/ 
All investment projects on the territory of Russia (from 1 November 2012 to 31 January 2013)

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Talk: u00B1 C <u2021 Ru0405Ru0455 Ru0458R � C u20AC ReRu0405Ru0455Su0403S, Su0402Ru0455ReS, Ru03BCR "Su040ARu0405S <Ru03BC Ru0455R u00B1 Su0409Ru03BCRu0454S, C <u00E2 u20AC" P � P � Ru0406Ru0455Ru0491S <C u2020 Ru03BCS … Re, Ru0405Ru0455Ru0406S <Ru03BC P "ReRu0405ReRe u00E2 u20AC" Ru0405Ru03BC Ru0455S, P "P � u2021 res Su040BS, Su0403Su040F Ru0406S <Su0403Ru0455Ru0454Ru0455R number Su0453Ru0491Ru03BCR" Su040ARu0405Ru0455R number Ru0454R Ru0457ReS �, P � P "Ru0455Ru03BCRu0458Ru0454Ru0455Su0403S, Su040ASu040B. PP � C, Su0402Re Ru0456Ru0455Ru0491R ReSu0403Su0403R � "� Ru03BCRu0491Ru0455Ru0406R Ru0405ReSu040F Ru0405R Cosmosblack Su0453Ru0491R � � P" Ru0455Su0403Su040A Ru0455R Ru0405R � u00B1 u00B6 Su0402Su0453R RES, Su040A P u00B1 Ru0455R "Ru03BCRu03BC Ru0458R 70 � C u20AC ReRu0405Ru0455Su0403S, Su0402Ru0455ReS, Ru03BCR" Su040ARu0405S <C Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Ru03BCRu0454S …, Ru0455Ru0406, restaurant … Su0403Su0402Ru03BCRu0491Ru0405Su040FSu040F Su0453Ru0491Ru03BCR "Su040ARu0405R � Su040F ft Ru0455ReRu0458Ru0455Su0403S, Su040A Su0403Ru0455Su0403S, Ru0406ReR P �" � P 140 Ru0458R "the PS Ru0491Ru0455R" P "P � Su0402Ru0455Ru0406. P 'Su040CS, Ru0455S, Su0402R � F 10 � � Ru0405R Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Ru03BCRu0454S, Ru0455Ru0406 Ru0457Su0402ReS … Ru0455Ru0491ReS, Su0403Su040F 4.15 Ru0458R "Su0402Ru0491 Ru0491Ru0455R" P "P � Su0402Ru0455Ru0406, Ru0457Su0402Re Su040CS, Ru0455Ru0458 Su0403Ru03BCRu0458Su040A pep � Ru0405ReS … Su0403Su0453S u2030 Ru03BCSu0403S, Ru0406Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405Ru0455 Ru0491Ru0455Su0402Ru0455R u00B6 Ru03BC 140 Ru0458R "the PS.

Ru045BSu0403Ru0455R u00B1 Ru0405Su040FRu0454Ru0455Ru0458 ft Ru0455Su040FS, Ru0491Ru0406R Ru0456ReRu0456R � � Ru0405S, Su0403Ru0454ReS … ReRu0405Ru0406Ru03BCSu0403S, Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Ru03BCRu0454S, P � � Ru0454Ru0455Ru0405S u2020 Ru03BCSu0402Ru0405R Ru045FR'Ru045B In "Ru0452R" Ru0458R � F �-Ru0452Ru0405S, Ru03BCR number B "u00E2 u20AC" the PI Ru045CReR u00B6 Ru0405Ru03BCRu0458 Ru045CRu0455Ru0406Ru0456Ru0455Su0402Ru0455Ru0491Ru03BC Re Ru0459ReSu0402Ru0455Ru0406Ru03BC PI 2012 Ru0456Ru0455Ru0491Su0453 Ru0405R � C u2021 P � C, the PS ft Su0402Ru0455ReS, Ru03BCR "Su040ASu0403S, Ru0406Ru0455 Ru0454Su0402Su0453Ru0457Ru0405S <C … Su0403Ru03BCRu0454Su0402Ru03BCS, Ru0405S <C … P � P � Ru0406Ru0455Ru0491Ru0455Ru0406 Ru0457Ru0455 Ru0457Su0402Ru0455ReR � Ru0406Ru0455Ru0491Su0403S, Ru0406Su0453 Ru0405R � F � Ru03BCRu0458Ru0405S < With … Su0403Su0402Ru03BCRu0491Su0403S, PI Ru045FR'Ru045B Re Su0402R � Ru0454Ru03BCS, Ru0405Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Ru0406Ru0455Ru0455Su0402Su0453R u00B6 Ru03BCRu0405ReSu040F Ru0491R "Su040F Ru0405ReS …. Ru045FRu0455 Ru0405Ru03BCRu0455S "Res PEP u2020 � P" Su040ARu0405S <Cosmosblack Ru0491R � Ru0405Ru0405S <Cosmosblack, PI Ru0454R � u00D0 u00B6 Ru0491S <P number P � P � Ru0406Ru0455Ru0491 Ru0406R "Ru0455R u00B6 Ru03BCRu0405Ru0455 Ru0455Ru0454Ru0455R" the PS 40 Ru0458R "Su0402Ru0491 Su0402Su0453R u00B1 R" Ru03BCR number (P u00B1 Ru0455R "Ru03BCRu03BC 1.3 Ru0458R" Su0402Ru0491 Ru0491Ru0455R "P" P � Su0402Ru0455Ru0406) u00E2 u20AC "P u00B1 Ru0455R" Su040AS u20AC Ru03BC, C u2021 Ru03BCRu0458 Ru0457Ru0455S, Su0402R � C, PEP "Re Ru0405R � ft Su0402Ru0455ReS, Ru03BCR" Su040ASu0403S, Ru0406Ru0455 Su0403Ru0406Ru0455ReS … P � Ru0406S, Ru0455Su0403R u00B1 u2021 Ru0455Su0402Ru0455S Ru0405S <C … Ru0457Su0402Ru0455ReR � Ru0406Ru0455Ru0491Su0403S, PI (Ru0454Su0402Su0453Ru0457Ru0405Ru03BCR number from u20AC res … PI R Ru0455Su0403Su0403ReRe P � P � Ru0457Ru0455Su0403R "Ru03BCRu0491Ru0405ReRu03BC Ru0456Ru0455Ru0491S <) PI Ru0459R � P" Su0453R u00B6 Su0403Ru0454Ru0455R number Ru0455R u00B1 P "P � ft Re Ru0405Ru03BCRu0458Ru03BCS u2020 Ru0454R � Su040F Volkswagen PEP" Re Ru040ERu045F C "Su0402R � Ru0405S u2020 Su0453R � Su0403Ru0454Ru0455R u2116 PSA Peugeot Citroen Re Su040FRu0457Ru0455Ru0405Su0403Ru0454Ru0455R u2116 Mitsubishi. R'Ru0406Ru0455Ru0491 PI ft Su0402Ru0455R number Su0402R � Ru0454Ru03BCS, Ru0405S <C … P � P � P � Ru0406Ru0455Ru0491Ru0455Ru0406 Ru0457R P � "� P � Ru0405ReSu0402Ru0455Ru0406R the PS Ru0405R � Ru0456Ru0455Ru0491 2015. Ru045CR � F u00B1 Ru0405ReS … Su0453Ru0491Su0453S, Ru0406S <Ru0457Su0453Su0403Ru0454R � C, Su040A Ru0456ReRu0457Ru03BCSu0402R � Ru0406Su0453Ru0454Ru0455Ru0406S <Ru03BC Su0402R Ru0454Ru03BCS � C, <77Ru045C6-Ru045C Re-77Ru045C6 Ru045C1 Ru0491R "Su040F Ru0405Ru0455Ru0406Ru03BCR number from u20AC res … Ru0454Ru0455Ru0458Ru0457R" Ru03BCRu0454Su0403Ru0455Ru0406 Ru0457Su0402Ru0455S, ReRu0406Ru0455Su0402R � Ru0454Ru03BCS , Ru0405Ru0455R number Ru0455R u00B1 Ru0455Su0402Ru0455Ru0405S <Ru040E-400 "Ru045ESu0402ReSu0453Ru0458S" B "Re-Ru040E 500" Ru045FSu0402Ru0455Ru0458Ru03BCS, Ru03BCR in number. " R'S <Ru0457Su0453Su0403Ru0454 Su040CS, restau … Su0402R � Ru0454Ru03BCS, Su0403Ru0406Ru03BCSu0402S … Ru0454S � F, � F Su0453R "Just Installed Ru0491R" Su040F Ru0455Su0403Su0403ReRe R, C, P � � Ru0454 Ru0454R Ru0454 R � Ru03BCRu0405ReS, Ru0405Ru0455-Su0402R � Ru0454Ru03BCS, Ru0405S < P number Ru0454Ru0455Ru0458Ru0457R "Ru03BCRu0454Su0403 Ru040E-400 Ru0491Ru0455 Su0403ReS … Ru0457Ru0455Su0402 ReSu0403Ru0457Ru0455R" Su040AR � Su0453Ru03BCS, ft P � Su0402S <Ru03BC Su0402R Ru0454Ru03BCS � C, <48Ru045C6 Re 9Ru045A96, P � Ru0454Ru0455Ru0458Ru0457R "Ru03BCRu0454Su0403 Ru040E-500 C, Ru0455R" Su040ARu0454Ru0455 Su0403Ru0455R � Ru0491R � Ru03BCS, Su0403Su040F.

Ru045FRu0455Ru0454R � In "Ru0452R" Ru0458R � F �-Ru0452Ru0405S, Ru03BCR number B "ft Su0402Ru0455ReS, P � P � Ru0406Ru0455Ru0491S <PI Su0453Su0403R" Ru0455Ru0406ReSu040FS … Ru0457Ru0455R "Ru0405Ru0455R number Su0403Ru03BCRu0454Su0402Ru03BCS, Ru0405Ru0455Su0403S, Re, Su0409Ru03BCRu0491ReRu0405Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405R Talk: u00B1 � � C Su040F Ru0491Ru0406ReRu0456R , Ru03BCR "Ru03BCSu0403S, Su0402Ru0455ReS, Ru03BCR" Su040ARu0405R � � Su040F Ru0454Ru0455Ru0458Ru0457R Ru0405ReSu040F (Talk: "Ru0459) Ru0455S, Ru0454Su0402S <C, the PS Re Ru0457Su0453R u00B1 R" res u2021 Ru0405Ru0455 P � P � Ru0457Su0453Su0403S, PEP "P � � Ru0457Ru0455Ru0491 Ru040ER Ru0405Ru0454S, -Ru045FRu03BCS, Ru03BCSu0402R u00B1 Su0453Su0402Ru0456Ru0455Ru0458 Ru0405Ru0455Ru0406S <P number Ru0454Ru0455Ru0458Ru045
7R "Ru03BCRu0454Su0403 ft Ru0455ReRu0458Ru0455Su0403S, Su040ASu040B P u00B1 Ru0455R" Ru03BCRu03BC 200 Ru0458R "the PS Ru0491Ru0455R" P "P � Su0402Ru0455Ru0406. In the "P Ru03BCR � P" pep � P � C u2020 ReSu040F Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Ru03BCRu0454S, P � Ru0457Ru0455R � Ru0406Ru0455R "PEC, Ru0455R Ru03BCSu0403Ru0457Ru03BCS u00B1 u2021 res, Su040A Ru0405Ru03BCR � P � Ru0406ReSu0403ReRu0458Ru0455Su0403S, Su040A Su0402Ru0455Su0403Su0403ReR number Su0403Ru0454Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Ru0406Ru03BCSu0402S, Ru0455R" Ru03BCS, Ru0455Su0403S, Su0402Ru0455Ru03BCRu0405ReSu040F Ru0455S, P � P � u00B1 Su0402Su0453R Ru03BCR Ru0405S u00B6 <C … Ru0457Su0402Ru0455ReR � Ru0406Ru0455Ru0491ReS, Ru03BCR "Ru03BCR number Ru0491Ru0406ReRu0456R � C, Ru03BCR" Ru03BCR u2116, C u2021 C, the PS Su0403Ru0455Ru0455S, Ru0406Ru03BCS, ft Ru0406Su0453Ru03BCS, Ru0456Ru0455Su0403Su0453Ru0491R � Su0402Su0403S, Ru0406Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405Ru0455R number ft Su0402R � C, Ru03BCRu0456ReRe ReRu0458Ru0457Ru0455Su0402S, Ru0455R � P � Ru0458Ru03BCS Ru03BCRu0405ReSu040FV u2030 "u00E2 u20AC" Ru0457Ru0455Su040FSu0403Ru0405ReR "In" RRu0454Su0403Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402S, Su0453V "Ru0455Su0403Ru0405Ru0455Ru0406Ru0405Ru0455R number Ru0458Ru0455S, ReRu0406 ft Su0402Ru0455ReS, Ru03BCR" Su040ASu0403S, Ru0406R � Ru0405Ru0455Ru0406Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Ru0457Su0402Ru0455ReR � Ru0406Ru0455Ru0491Su0403S, Ru0406R � Ru0456Ru03BCRu0405Ru0491ReSu0402Ru03BCRu0454S, Ru0455Su0402 Talk: "Ru0459 P'P" Ru0491ReSu0403R P � "P � PI Ru045AR Su0403R � � P" Ru0455Ru0406. Ru0459 2015 Ru0456Ru0455Ru0491Su0453 Ru0405R Ru0405Ru0455Ru0406Ru0455Ru0458 � F � P � Ru0406Ru0455Ru0491Ru03BC, Su0403Ru0455Ru0406Ru0458Ru03BCS u2030 Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405Ru0455Ru0458 Su0403 Ru0459R 'Ru0457R "P � Ru0405ReSu0402Su0453Ru03BCS, Su0403Su040F Ru0406S <Ru0457Su0453Su0403Ru0454R � C, Su040A Ru0491Ru0455 Ru0491Ru0406ReRu0456R 500 � C, Ru03BCR" Ru03BCR number R'Ru0459-2500 Re Ru045ER '3 -117 Ru0491R "Su040F Ru0406Ru03BCSu0402S, Ru0455R" Ru03BCS, Ru0455Ru0406 Ru0458R � Su0402Ru0455Ru0454 In "Ru045AReR" Su040AV "In Re" Ru0459R � Ru0458Ru0455Ru0406V "C u2021 C, the PS Ru0457Ru0455R" Ru0405Ru0455Su0403S, Su040ASu040B Ru0455R Ru03BCSu0403Ru0457Ru03BCS u00B1 u2021 res, in "P 'Ru03BCSu0402S, Ru0455R "Ru03BCS, C <R Ru0455Su0403Su0403ReReV" Ru0491Ru0406ReRu0456R � C, Ru03BCR "Su040FRu0458Re. Ru040ERu03BCR number C u2021 P � Su0403 Ru0406Ru03BCSu0402S, Ru0455R "Ru03BCS, Ru0405S <Ru03BC Ru0491Ru0406ReRu0456R � C, Ru03BCR" Re Ru0457Su0402Ru0455ReR � Ru0406Ru0455Ru0491Su040FS, Su0403Su040F Ru0405R � � Su0453Ru0454Su0402R ReRu0405Su0403Ru0454Ru0455Ru0458 Ru0457Su0402Ru03BCRu0491Ru0457Su0402ReSu040FS, ReRe In "Ru045ARu0455S, Ru0455Su0402 Ru040EReS u2021 B" PI Ru0456Ru0455Su0402Ru0455Ru0491Ru03BC PP u00B6 � Ru0457Ru0455Su0402Ru0455R Su040ARu03BC.

Ru0459R � Ru0454 pep � Ru0406Ru03BCSu0403S, Ru0405Ru0455, P "Su040BR u00B1 Ru0455R number Su0402R � F � Ru0406ReRu0406R � u2030 Su040BS number Su0403Su040F PEP PEP u00B1 R � Ru0405Ru03BCSu0403 Ru0457Ru0455Su0403R" Ru03BC Ru0455Su0403Ru0406Ru0455Ru03BCRu0405ReSu040F Su0402Ru03BCSu0403Su0453Su0402Su0403Ru0455Ru0406 ReRu0458Ru0457Ru0455Su0402S, Ru0455R � P � u2030 Ru0458Ru03BCS Ru03BCRu0405ReSu040F Re Ru0405R � Ru0457Ru0455R " Ru0405Ru03BCRu0405ReSu040F Ru0406Ru0405Su0453S, Su0402Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405Ru03BCRu0456Ru0455 Su0402S <Ru0405Ru0454R � Ru0455S, Ru03BCS u2021 Ru03BCSu0403S, Ru0406Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405Ru0455R number Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Ru0491Su0453Ru0454S u2020 ReRu03BCR number ft Su0402Ru03BCRu0458ReS, Su0403Su040F Ru0406S <P number C, D Ru0405R � Ru0406Ru0405Ru03BCS u20AC Ru0405ReR number Su0402S <Ru0405Ru0455Ru0454. P Ru0458Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405Ru0455 P � P � � Ru0406Ru0455Ru03BCRu0406R Ru0405ReRu03BC Ru0405Ru0455Ru0406S <C … Su0402S <Ru0405Ru0454Ru0455Ru0406 Su0403Ru0457Ru0455Ru0491Ru0406ReRu0456R "the PS Ru0454Su0402Su0453Ru0457Ru0405Ru03BCR number from u20AC Ru03BCRu0456Ru0455 Su0402Ru0455Su0403Su0403ReR number Su0403Ru0454Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Ru0457Su0402Ru0455ReR � Ru0406Ru0455Ru0491ReS, Ru03BCR" Su040F Ru0454Ru0455Su0403Ru0458ReS u2021 Ru03BCSu0403Ru0454ReS … Su0403Ru0457Su0453S, Ru0405ReRu0454Ru0455Ru0406 In "P Ru0405S" Ru0455Su0402Ru0458R � C u2020 ReRu0455Ru0405Ru0405S <Ru03BC Su0403Ru0457Su0453S, Ru0405ReRu0454Ru0455Ru0406S <Ru03BC Su0403ReSu0403S, Ru03BCRu0458S <ReRu0458. Ru0454R P � � � Ru0491Ru03BCRu0458ReRu0454R Ru045A. P u00A4. P Ru03BCS u20AC Ru03BCS, Ru0405Ru03BCRu0406R � V "(P Ru040ERu040E) Ru0405R � C u2021 P � C, Su040A Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Ru03BCRu0454S, ReSu0402Ru0455Ru0406R � Ru0405ReRu03BC Re ft Su0402Ru0455ReS, Ru03BCR" Su040ASu0403S, Ru0406Ru0455 Ru0405Ru0455Ru0406Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Ru0458Ru0455Ru0405S, P � u00D0 u00B6 Ru0405Ru0455-ReSu0403Ru0457S <C, P � C, Ru03BCR "Su040ARu0405Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Ru0454Ru0455Ru0458Ru0457R" Ru03BCRu0454Su0403R �. Ru045CRu0455Ru0406S <P number C u2020 Ru03BCS … Ru0457Ru0455 Su0403R u00B1 Ru0455Su0402Ru0454Ru03BC ReSu0403Ru0457S D <C, P u2021 � Ru0405ReSu040B Ru0454Ru0455Su0403Ru0458ReS Ru03BCSu0403Ru0454ReS … P � � Ru0457Ru0457R Su0402R � C, Ru0455Ru0406, Ru0456R "P � Ru0406Ru0405S <Cosmosblack Ru0455R Su0402R � u00B1 R � Ru0455Ru0458 Su0403Ru0457Su0453S, Ru0405ReRu0454Ru0455Ru0406 Su0403Ru0406Su040FR � Re Re Ru0405R � Ru0406ReRu0456R � C u2020 ReRe, ft Ru0455ReRu0458Ru0455Su0403S, Su040ASu040B 200 Ru0458R "the PS Ru0491Ru0455R" P "P � F u00B1 Su0402Ru0455Ru0406 Su0453Ru0491Ru03BCS, Su0403Ru0455R � Ru0491R the PS Ru0405R � � Ru0457R" Ru0455S u2030 P � P Ru0491Ru0454Ru03BC Ru040ERu040E PI Ru0456Ru0455Su0402Ru0455Ru0491Ru03BC P Ru03BCR "Ru03BCR � Ru0405Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455Su0402Su0403Ru0454Ru03BC Ru0459Su0402R � � Su0403Ru0405Ru0455Su040FSu0402Su0403Ru0454Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Ru0454Su0402R Su040F. R R R � u00B1 Ru0455S, P � C, Su040A Ru0454Ru0455Ru0458Ru0457R "Ru03BCRu0454Su0403 P u00B1 Su0453Ru0491Ru03BCS, PI Ru0455Su0403Ru0405Ru0455Ru0406Ru0405Ru0455Ru0458 Ru0405R � Su040CRu0454Su0403Ru0457Ru0455Su0402S,.

Talk: u00B1 Ru0455Su0402Ru0455Ru0405Ru0405Ru0455-Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Ru0458S <C u20AC R "Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405S <P number Ru0454Ru0455Ru0458Ru0457R" Ru03BCRu0454Su0403 u00E2 u20AC "C Su0402R Ru0491ReS � u2020 � ReRu0455Ru0405Ru0405R Su040F Ru0406Ru0455S, C u2021 ReRu0405R � � Ru0456Ru0455Su0403Su0453Ru0491R Su0402Su0403S, Ru0406R PI � P" Su040BR u00B1 Ru0455R number ft Su0402R Ru0405Ru03BC Ru0458ReSu0402R � �, Ru0457Ru0455Su040CS, Ru0455Ru0458Su0453 Ru0405Ru03BCSu0453Ru0491ReRu0406ReS, Ru03BCR "Su040ARu0405Ru0455, C u2021 C, the PS ReRu0405Ru0406Ru03BCSu0403S, the Republic ReRu0455Ru0405Ru0405Su0453Su040B u2020 P � Ru0454S, ReRu0406Ru0405Ru0455Su0403S, Su040A R � Ru0491Ru03BCSu0403Su040A ft P � P" Re Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Su040FRu0406R "Su040FS, Su040A ReRu0458Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405Ru0455 Ru0455S, Ru03BCS u2021 Ru03BCSu0403S, Ru0406Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405S <Ru03BC Ru0
456Ru0455Su0403Su0453Ru0491R � Su0402Su0403S, Ru0406Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405S <Ru03BC Ru0454Ru0455Ru0458Ru0457R � Ru0405ReRe In "Ru0452R" Ru0458R � F �-Ru0452Ru0405S, Ru03BCR number in the "Talk:" Ru0459, P Ru040ERu040E.

P "Su0402Su0453Ru0456Ru0455Ru03BC Ru0491Ru03BCR" the PS Ru0456Su0402R � u00D0 u00B6 � Ru0491R Ru0405Su0403Ru0454Ru0455Ru03BC Ru0458R � C u20AC ReRu0405Ru0455Su0403S, Su0402Ru0455Ru03BCRu0405ReRu03BC. P-Ru0491Ru03BCSu0403Su040A Ru0458Ru0455R u00B6 Ru0405Ru0455 Ru0456Ru0455Ru0406Ru0455Su0402ReS, Su040A Ru0405Ru03BC C Ru0455R "Su040ARu0454Ru0455 Re Ru0405Ru03BC ft Ru0455R" Su040ARu0454Ru0455 Ru0491R � u00D0 u00B6 Ru03BC the PS Su0402Ru0455Su0403Su0403ReR number Su0403Ru0454Ru0455Ru0458 C u2021 P � ft Ru0405Ru0455Ru0458 P u00B1 PEP � Ru0405Ru03BCSu0403Ru03BC, Su0403Ru0454Ru0455R "Su040ARu0454Ru0455 Ru0455R u00B1 Su0453Su0403Ru0457Ru03BCS P � C … … Ru0454Ru0455Ru0458Ru0457R � Ru0405ReR number Su0403 ft u2021 P � ft ReRu03BCRu0458 ReRu0405Ru0455Su0403S, Su0402R � � Ru0405Ru0405Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Ru0454R Ru0457ReS, P � P "P �. R'Ru03BCR � ReRu0405Ru0455Su0403S, Su0402R � Ru0405S u2020 Ru03BCRu0406 Ru0405Ru03BC Ru0455R u00B1 Ru0455R number C, C u2020 ReSu0403Su040A Ru03BCR "Ru0455R number Ru0456Su0402Su0453Ru0457Ru0457Ru03BC Ru0457Ru0455Ru0491Ru0455S, Su0402R � Su0403R" Ru03BCR u2116, PI Ru0454Ru0455S, Ru0455Su0402S <C … Ru0458S <u2030 Su0403Su0453S Ru03BCSu0403S, Ru0406Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405Ru0455 Ru0455S , ft, P Ru03BCRu0458 � C PI, Ru03BCS … Ru0405Ru0455R "Ru0455Ru0456ReS u2021 Ru03BCSu0403Ru0454Ru0455Ru0458 Ru0457R" P � Ru0405Ru03BC. P 'Ru0405Ru03BCRu0454Ru0455S, Ru0455Su0402S <C … Su0403Ru03BCRu0456Ru0458Ru03BCRu0405S, F � C � C … Ru0458R u20AC ReRu0405Ru0455Su0403S, Su0402Ru0455Ru03BCRu0405ReSu040F Ru0457Ru0455Su040FRu0406R "Su040FSu040BS, Su0403Su040F Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402Su0403Ru0457Ru03BCRu0454S, ReRu0406Ru0405S <Ru03BC Su0403Ru0455Ru0406Ru0458Ru03BCSu0403S, Ru0405S <Ru03BC Ru0457Su0402Ru03BCRu0491Ru0457Su0402ReSu040FS, ReSu040F Su0403 ft u2021 P � ft ReRu03BCRu0458 Ru0454Su0402Su0453Ru0457Ru0405S <C ReRu0405Ru0455Su0403S …, Su0402R � Ru0405Ru0405S <C … Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Ru0458S <C u20AC R "Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405S <Ru0454Ru0455Ru0458Ru0457R � C … Ru0405ReR u2116. P Cosmosblack Ru0405Su0453R u00B6 Just Installed Ru0405R � C Su0402S u20AC <Ru0405Ru0455Ru0454, Ru0405R � Cosmosblack Ru0405Su0453R u00B6 Ru0405S <Res … C … Ru03BCS Ru0405Ru0455R "Ru0455Ru0456ReRe. Ru040ES, Su0402Ru0455ReS, Ru03BC P � P � Ru0406Ru0455Ru0491 Su0403 Ru0457Su0402ReRu03BCRu0458R "Ru03BCRu0458S <Cosmosblack Re Su0402R � ft ft u2030 ReRu0458 Su0453Su0402Ru0455Ru0406Ru0405Ru03BCRu0458 P" Ru0455Ru0454R � P "pep � P � C ReRe u2020 u00E2 u20AC" Ru0457Ru0455R "ft u2021 P � Ru03BCS, Ru03BC P u00B1 Ru0455R "Su040AS u20AC Ru0455R number Su0402S <Ru0405Ru0455Ru0454. MS, P � Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Su0403S, P Su040F � C "Ru0455Su0402Ru0458Su0453R" Ru0455S � F, F 'res u2021 Ru0405Ru0455 Su0403Su0402R � F u00B1 Ru0455S, P � P "P � P � Ru0406S PI, Ru0455Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Ru0458Ru03BC, Ru0405R � C u2021 � ReRu0405R Ru03BCS, Ru0455Ru0405R Su0402R � � u00B1 Ru0455S P, P � C, D Su040A PI Ru0491Su0402Su0453Ru0456ReS … Ru0405Ru03BC ft Ru0455R "Su040A Ru0454Su0402Su0453Ru0457Ru0405S <C … D P" P � Ru0454Ru0455Ru0458S <C … Su0403Ru03BCRu0456Ru0458Ru03BCRu0405S, P � C … ReRu0405Ru0491Su0453Su0403S, Su0402ReRe.

Ru045ER � F u00B1 R "res u2020 P � 3:…-rossii-na-konets-2012-g/ 
R'Su0403Ru03BC ft Su0402Ru0455Su040FS ReRu03BCSu0403Su040F Su040CRu0405Ru03BCSu0402Ru0456Ru0455R u2030 u00B1 R "Ru0455Ru0454Re Re Ru0452RRu040E PI R Ru0455Su0403Su0403ReRe Ru0405R � Ru0454Ru0455Ru0405Ru03BCS u2020 2012 Pi.

R u00A7 Ru03BCRu0456Ru0455 C Ru0455R "Su040ARu0454Ru0455 ft Ru0455ReS, Ru0457Su0402ReRu0458Ru03BCSu0402 Ru0405Ru03BCRu0458Ru03BCS u2020 Ru0454Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Ru0456ReRu0456R Ru0405S �, P � Siemens. Ru0459Ru0455Ru0458Ru0457R � Ru0405ReSu040F In "Ru0408Su0402R � P" Su040ASu0403Ru0454ReRu03BC P "Ru0455Ru0454Ru0455Ru0458Ru0455S, ReRu0406S <B" Ru040ERu045F Siemens D Ru0456Su0402Su0453Ru0457Ru0457S <B "Ru040EReRu0405R Su0402R � � The" P "Ru0458ReS, Su0402ReSu040F Ru045FSu0453Ru0458Ru0457Su040FRu0405Su0403Ru0454Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455, Ru0406Ru0455R � Ru0406Ru0455Ru0491ReS, PI R'Ru03BCSu0402S Ru0405Ru03BCR number … Ru045FS <C u20AC Ru0458Ru03BC Ru0457Ru0455Ru0491 P u2022 Ru0454R � C, u00B1 Ru03BCSu0402ReRu0405R Su0453Su0402Ru0456Ru0455Ru0458 P � P � Ru0406Ru0455Ru0491 Ru0457Ru0455 Ru0457Su0402Ru0455ReR � Ru0406Ru0455Ru0491Su0403S, Ru0406Su0453 Su040CR "Ru03BCRu0454S, Su0402Ru0455Ru0457Ru0455Ru03BCR � Ru0491Ru0455Ru0406 ft Ru0455ReRu0458Ru0455Su0403S, Su040ASu040B 300 Ru0458R" the PS Ru0491Ru0455R "P" P � Su0402Ru0455Ru0406. Ru045BRu0405Re P u00B1 Su0453Ru0491Su0453S, ReSu0403Ru0457Ru0455R "Su040AR � Ru0455Ru0406R � C, Su040ASu0403Su040F PI C, C u2021 Ru0455Ru0458 ReSu0403R" Ru03BC Ru0454R Ru0454 � P � Su040CSu0402Ru0455Su040CRu0454Su0403Ru0457Su0402Ru03BCSu0403Su0403S <(Su0403Ru0406Su040FR � C <Ru0406R � C, Su040A Ru0458Ru03BCR Ru0491Su0453 Su0403Ru0455R u00B6 u00B1 � F Ru0455R number Su040CSu0402Ru0455Ru0457Ru0455Su0402S , Re Ru0456Ru0455Su0402Ru0455Ru0491). Ru040ES, Su0402Ru0455ReS, Ru03BCR "Su040ASu0403S, Ru0406Ru0455 Ru0406Ru03BCRu0491Ru03BCS, Su0403Su040F Ru0457Ru0455Ru0491 Ru0454Ru0455Ru0405S, Su0402R � Ru0454S, Su0403 P P P" Ru0405R � 1200 � Ru0406R Ru0456Ru0455Ru0405Ru0455Ru0406 Su040CR "Ru03BCRu0454S, Su0402Ru0455Ru0457Ru0455Ru03BCR Ru0491Ru0455Ru0406 � In the" P> P � ft Ru0455S u2021 � Ru0454R In "Ru0405R Ru0457R �" P � C and C "Ru0455Su0402Ru0458Ru03BC Desiro RUS Ru0455R C u00B1 u2030 Ru03BCR number ft Ru0455ReRu0458Ru0455Su0403S, Su040ASu040B 2.1 Ru0458R" Su0402Ru0491 Ru03BCRu0406Su0402Ru0455. Ru045ER Ru0454Ru0455Ru0406R � F u00B1 � C <P "P � C u2020 Ru03BCRu0405R Ru0457Su0402ReS � … � Ru0455Ru0491R Ru0405Ru03BCRu0458S u2020 Ru03BCRu0406 PI Su0402Ru0455Su0403Su0403ReR number Su0403Ru0454Ru0455Ru03BC u00D0 u00B6 Ru03BCR" Ru03BCR � Ru0405Ru0455Ru0491Ru0455Su0402Ru0455R u00B6 Ru0405Ru0455Ru03BC Ru0458R � C u20AC ReRu0405Ru0455Su0403S, Su0402Ru0455Ru03BCRu0405ReRu03BC. Ru0459Su0402Ru0455Ru0458Ru03BC C Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455, In "Ru0408Su0402R � P" Su040ASu0403Ru0454ReRu03BC P "Ru0455Ru0454Ru0455Ru0458Ru0455S, ReRu0406S <B" Su0402R � F � Su0402R � F u00B1 Ru0455S, P � P "Re Ru0405R � F u00B1 � F R � Ru03BC in the" P> P � ft Ru0455S u2021 Ru0454ReV "Ru0456Ru0455Su0402Ru0455Ru0491Su0403Ru0454Ru0455R number Su040CRu0454Su0403Ru0457Su0402Ru03BCSu0403Su0403, Su040CR" Ru03BCRu0454S, Su0402Ru0455Ru0457Ru0455Ru03BCR � Ru0491R � Ru0491R "Su040F Ru0457Su0402ReRu0456Ru0455Su0402Ru0455Ru0491Ru0405S <C … D Su0402Ru03BCRu0456ReRu0455Ru0405R � P" Su040ARu0405S <C … Ru0457R Su0403Su0403R � � u00D0 u00B6 ReSu0402Su0403Ru0454ReS … Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCRu0406Ru0455R � Ru0455Ru0454 PI Ru0405R Ru0491Ru03BCR � u00B6 Ru0491Ru03BC Ru0405R � C, the PS, C u2021 C, the PS P P P "Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Ru0491Ru0455R" u00D0 u00B6 res, P � P Ru0458Ru03BCRu0405Su0453 Ru0457R � � � Su0402Ru0454R Ru0457Su0402ReRu0456Ru0455Su0402Ru0455Ru0491Ru0405S <C … Su040CR "Ru03BCRu0454S, Su0402ReS u2021 Ru03BCRu0454 Re ReRu0458 Su0453Ru0491R � ft Su0403Su040F Ru0455S, C u2030 ReRu0457Ru0405Su0453S, Su040A Ru0454Su0453Su0403Ru0455Ru0454 Ru0455S, Su0402S <Ru0405Ru0454R �, Ru0454Ru0455Ru0405S, Su0402Ru0455R "ReSu0402Su0453Ru03BCRu0458Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 P" Ru03BCRu0458ReS … Ru0455Ru0406Su0403Ru0454ReRu0458 Ru0458R � C u20AC ReRu0405Ru0455Su0403S, Su0402Ru0455ReS, Ru03BCR "Su040ARu0405S <Cosmosblack P � P � Ru0406Ru0455Ru0491Ru0455Ru0458 (Ru0406S … Ru0455Ru0491ReS, PI Ru045ESu0402R Ru0405Su0403Ru0458R � C � C … Ru0455R u20AC "Ru0491ReRu0405Ru0456).

R u2022 C u2030 Ru03BC Ru0455Ru0491ReRu0405 Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Ru03BCRu0454S, Siemens Su0403Ru0455R � u00B1 ReSu0402R Ru03BCS, Su0403Su040F Su0402Ru03BCR � P "pep � Ru0455Ru0406R � C, Su040A Ru0457Ru0455Ru0491 Ru040ER � Ru0405Ru0454S,-Ru045FRu03BCS, Ru03BCSu0402R u00B1 Su0453Su0402Ru0456Ru0455Ru0458. Ru0459Ru0455Ru0458Ru0457R � Ru0405ReSu040F In "Ru040EReRu0458Ru03BCRu0405Su0403 C Ru03BCS … Ru0405Ru0455R" Ru0455Ru0456ReRe Ru0456R � F � Ru0455Ru0406S <C … C u00B1 Su0453Su0402R ReRu0405V "(65% u00E2 u20AC" Su0453 Siemens, 35% u00E2 u20AC "Su0453 In" Ru040EReR "Ru0455Ru0406S <Ru0458R � C … From u20AC ReRu0405V "Ru0452R" Ru03BCRu0454Su0403Ru03BCSu040F Ru045ARu0455Su0402Ru0491R � C Ru0455Ru0406R u20AC �) Ru0457Ru0455Su0403S, Su0402Ru0455ReS, Su0403Ru0455Ru0406Ru03BCSu0402S u20AC Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405Ru0455 Ru0405Ru0455Ru0406S <P number P � P � Ru0406Ru0455Ru0491 Ru0457Ru0455 Ru0457Su0402Ru0455ReR � Ru0406Ru0455Ru0491Su0403S, Ru0406Su0453 Ru0456R � F � Ru0455Ru0406S <C … C Su0453Su0402R u00B1 R ReRu0405 u00B1 Ru0455R "Su040AS u20AC u2030 Ru0455R number Ru0458Ru0455S Ru0405Ru0455Su0403S, D (D 166 292 Ru045AR'S,). P 'ft Su0402Ru0455ReS, Ru03BCR "Su040ASu0403S, Ru0406Ru0455 P u00B1 Su0453Ru0491Ru03BCS, Ru0406R" Ru0455R u00B6 � Ru03BCRu0405R Ru0406Ru0405Su0453S u20AC RES, Ru03BCR "Su040ARu0405R Su040F Su0403Su0453Ru0458Ru0458R � � u00E2 u20AC" 366 Ru0458R "the PS Ru0491Ru0455R" P "P � Su0402Ru0455Ru0406. P "P � P � Ru0455Ru0406S <Ru03BC C u00B1 Su0453Su0402R ReRu0405S <P u00B1 Ru0455R" Su040AS u20AC u2030 Ru0455R number Ru0458Ru0455S Ru0405Ru0455Su0403S, D u00E2 u20AC "Ru0491R � Ru0406Ru0405Su040FSu040F Ru0457Su0453Su0403S, Su0453Su040BS Su040F u2030 P � P" P � � Ru0454Su0453Ru0405R Su0402Ru0455Su0403Su0403ReR number Su0403Ru0454Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Su0402S <Ru0405Ru0454R �. Ru045ERu03BCRu0457Ru03BCSu0402Su040A Ru0455Ru0405R � � Ru0405R Ru0454Ru0455Ru0405Ru03BCS u2020-C, the PS P u00B1 Su0453Ru0491Ru03BCS, P � P � Ru0457Ru0455R "Ru0405Ru03BCRu0405R � Ru0457Su0402Ru0455ReR � Ru0406Ru03BCRu0491Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405Ru0455R number PI R Ru0455Su0403Su0403ReRe Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Ru0491Su0453Ru0454S u2020 ReRu03BCR u2116, C … Ru0455S, Su040A Re Ru0457Ru0455 Ru0405Ru03BCRu0458Ru03BCS u2020 Ru0454Ru0455R number C Ru03BCS … Ru0405Ru0455R "Ru0455Ru0456ReRe.

Ru045ER Ru0454R � u00B6 Ru03BC PI Ru040ER � Ru0405Ru0454S,-Ru045FRu03BCS, Ru03BCSu0402R u00B1 Su0453Su0402Ru0456Ru03BC, Ru0455R u00B6 Ru03BCSu0403S, Ru0455S u2021 u2030 Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405Ru0455 Ru0454Ru0455Ru0405Ru0454
Su0453Su0402ReSu0402Su0453Su040BS Ru03BCRu0458 P � P � P � � Ru0406R Ru0405ReRu03BC Su0402Ru0455Su0403Su0403ReR number Su0403Ru0454Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 P "Ru03BCS, Su0402Ru0455R number of C, P � Su0403 Ru0459R � P "Su0453Ru0456Ru0455R number Re Ru045ERu0455R" Su040ASu040FS, C, D, Ru0405R � C u2021 P � P "Ru0455Su0403Su040A ft Su0402Ru0455ReS, Ru03BCR" Su040ASu0403S, Ru0406Ru0455 Ru0406S, Ru0455Su0402Ru0455R number Ru0455S Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCRu0491Re u2021 P � Ru0406S, Ru0455Su0403R Ru0455Su0402Ru0455S u2021 u00B1 R Ru0405Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 � Ru0406Ru0455Ru0491R P � � Nissan Group. P'P "P � � Ru0456Ru0455Ru0491R Su0402Su040F Ru0405Ru0455Ru0406Ru0455R number P" ReRu0405ReRe ft Ru0455ReRu0458Ru0455Su0403S, Su040ASu040B 223 Ru0458R "the PS Ru0491Ru0455R" P "P � Su0402Ru0455Ru0406 Ru0458Ru0455S u2030 Ru0405Ru0455Su0403S, Su040A P � P � � Ru0406Ru0455Ru0491R Ru0406S <Su0402R � ft Ru03BCS, Su0403 50 C, C <Su0403. Ru0491Ru0455 100 C, C <Su0403. P � Ru0406S, Ru0455Ru0458Ru0455R u00B1 PEP "Ru03BCR number Re Ru0457Ru0455 Su040CS, Ru0455Ru0458Su0453 Ru0457Ru0455Ru0454R � F � P � C, Ru03BCR" Su040B Nissan Ru0406Ru0457R "Ru0455S, Ru0405Su0453Su040B Ru0457Su0402ReR u00B1 R" pep � Res, Su0403Su040F Ru0454 Ru0455Ru0491Ru0405Ru0455Ru0458Su0453 pep � P "ReRu0491Ru03BCSu0402Ru0455Ru0406 Su0402Ru0455Su0403Su0403ReR number Su0403Ru0454Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 P � Ru0406S, Ru0455Su0402S <Ru0405Ru0454R � P � � Ru0458Ru03BCSu0402ReRu0454R Ru0405Su0403Ru0454Ru0455R number Ru0454Ru0455Su0402Ru0457Ru0455Su0402R � C u2020 ReRe Ford.

Ru0490ReRu0458Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Ru0458 Re Ru0405Ru03BCS "C Ru03BCRu0457Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCSu0402R � F u00B1 Ru0455S, Ru0454R �

Talk: u00B1 C <u2021 Ru0405Ru0455 With Re … ReRu0458ReRu0454Re Ru0405Ru03BCS "C Ru03BCRu0457Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCSu0402R � F u00B1 Ru0455S, C u2021 u2021 P ReRu0454Re Ru0406Ru0457Ru03BCS � C, P" Su040FSu040BS, P u00B1 Ru0455R "Su040AS u20AC ReRu0458Re Ru0455R Su0409Ru03BCRu0458R � u00B1 Ru0458Re Ru0406R" Ru0455R u00B6 Ru03BCRu0405ReR number Re Ru0454Ru0455R "res u2021 Ru03BCSu0403S, Ru0406Ru0455Ru0458 Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Ru03BCRu0454S, Ru0455Ru0406. Ru045CRu03BC ft P � P "ReSu0403Ru0454R" Su040BS u2021 Ru03BCRu0405ReRu03BCRu0458 Re Su040CS, Ru0455S, Ru0455R u00B1 R � Ru0455Su0402: Ru0491Ru03BCRu0406Su040FS, Su040A Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Ru03BCRu0454S, Ru0455Ru0406 Ru0405R � 2,76 Ru0458R "Su0402Ru0491 Ru0491Ru0455R" P "P � Su0402Ru0455Ru0406 (Re Ru0455Ru0491ReRu0405 Ru0406Ru03BCSu0403Su040ARu0458R � Ru0454Su0402Su0453Ru0457Ru0405S <P u2116).

P 'Ru045ER � C, � F Su0402Su0403S, P � Ru0405Ru03BC Ru0405R � C u2021 P � P "Ru0455Su0403Su040A ft Su0402Ru0455ReS, Ru03BCR" Su040ASu0403S, Ru0406Ru0455 Ru0454Ru0455Ru0458Ru0457R "Ru03BCRu0454Su0403R � C, u00B6 Su040FR Ru03BCR" C <… Ru0455Su0403S, P � C , Ru0454Ru0455Ru0406 ft Ru0455ReRu0458Ru0455Su0403S, Su040ASu040B 1,835 Ru0458R "Su0402Ru0491 Ru0491Ru0455R" P "P � � Su0402Ru0455Ru0406 Ru0405R Ru0405ReR u00B6 � Ru0405Ru03BCRu0454R Ru0458Su0403Ru0454Ru0455Ru0458 Ru045CRu045FR-In" Ru045ERu0452R P u00A4-Ru045CRu0459V. " P u2022 P u00B6 Ru03BCRu0456Ru0455Ru0491Ru0405Ru0455 Ru0454Ru0455Ru0458Ru0457R "Ru03BCRu0454Su0403 P u00B1 Su0453Ru0491Ru03BCS, Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCSu0402R � F u00B1 P � C, C <Ru0406R � C, 2.7 Su040A Ru0458R" With the PS, Ru0455Ru0405Ru0405 Ru0456Su0453Ru0491Su0402Ru0455Ru0405R � u00E2 u20AC "Su040CS, the PS C Su040FR u00B6 Ru03BCR" C <P Ru0455Su0403S number, P � C, Ru0455Ru0454 Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCSu0402R � F u00B1 Ru0455S, Ru0454Re Ru0405Ru03BCS "C, D Su0403 Su0453Su0403S, P � Ru0405Ru0455Ru0406Ru0454Re PP> Ru045BRu0408-Ru0452R'Ru045E P � P � � Ru0406Ru0455Ru0491R In" Ru045ERu0452R P u00A4-Ru045CRu0459V. " Ru045FRu0455Ru0491Ru0455R u00B1 Ru0405S <Ru03BC Ru0454Ru0455Ru0458Ru0457R "Ru03BCRu0454Su0403S <PI R Ru0455Su0403Su0403ReRe Su0402Ru03BCRu0491Ru0454Ru0455Su0403S, Su040A pep � P � P � � Ru0491Ru0455Su0402Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455Ru0406ReR Ru0405S <. P "Ru0455Su0402R � F � F � Ru0491Ru0455 Ru0454S, Su0453R � P" Su040ARu0405Ru03BCRu03BC, Ru0457Ru0455 Ru0458Ru0405Ru03BCRu0405ReSu040B Su0403Ru0455R u00B1 ft Ru0406Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405ReRu0454Ru0455Ru0406-Ru045CRu045FR, Ru0405Ru03BC Ru0458Ru03BCRu0405Ru03BCRu03BC Ru0491Ru0455Su0402Ru0455Ru0456ReRu03BC �u0456���u0491�u0402�u0455�u0454�u0402�u03BC�u0454���u0405�u0456�u0455�u0406� <Ru03BC Su0453Su0403S, P � Ru0405Ru0455Ru0406Ru0454Re Ru0457Ru0455 Ru0457Su0402Ru0455ReR � Ru0406Ru0455Ru0491Su0403S, Ru0406Su0453 Ru0454R � C u2021 Ru03BCSu0403S, Ru0406Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Ru0491ReR � Ru03BCR "Su040ARu0405Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 C Ru0455Ru0457R" ReRu0406R Re Ru03BCS � F u00B1 u2030 Ru03BC Ru0455R "Ru03BCRu03BC Ru0491Ru0455Su0402Ru0455Ru0456ReRu03BC Su0453Su0403S, P � Ru0405Ru0455Ru0406Ru0454Re Ru0454R � C, P � P" of the Republic, the Republic Ru03BCSu0403Ru0454Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Ru0454Su0402Ru03BCRu0454ReRu0405Ru0456R u2021 �, Su0402ReS "Ru0455Su0402Ru0458ReRu0405Ru0456R � D � F P "Ru0454ReR" ReSu0402Ru0455Ru0406R � Ru0405ReSu040F Ru0491R "Su040F Ru0406S <Ru0457Su0453Su0403Ru0454R � Ru0406S <Su0403Ru0455Ru0454Ru0455Ru0455Ru0454S, P � Ru0405Ru0455Ru0406S <C … Ru0458R Su0402Ru0455Ru0454 � F u00B1 Ru03BCRu0405R � ReRu0405R �. Ru045BRu0491Ru0405R Ru0454Ru0455 � F u00B1 Ru03BCR � Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCSu0402R � F u00B1 Ru0455S, Ru0454Re Ru0456Su0453Ru0491Su0402Ru0455Ru0405R � Su0402Ru0455Su0403Su0403ReR number Su0403Ru0454ReRu03BC Ru045CRu045FR-Ru0405Ru03BC Ru0491Ru0455Su0403S, ReRu0456Ru0405Su0453S, Su0453Su0402Ru0455Ru0406Ru0405Su040F Su0403Ru0455Ru0406Su0402Ru03BCRu0458Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405S <C … P � P � � Ru0457R Ru0491Ru0405S <C … ft P � � Ru0405Ru0491R Su0402S, Ru0455Ru0406 Ru0457Ru0455 Ru0457Ru0455Ru0454R � F � P � C, Ru03BCR "Su040FRu0458 Ru0456R" Su0453R u00B1 ReRu0405S <Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCSu0402R � F u00B1 Ru0455S, Ru0454Re Ru0405Ru03BCS "C, D Re Ru0406S <Ru0455Ru0491R � C … Su0403Ru0406Ru03BCS, P" C <… Ru0405Ru03BCS "C Ru03BCRu0457Su0402Ru0455Ru0491Su0453Ru0454S , Ru0455Ru0406.

Ru040ES, Su0402Ru0455R number Ru0458R � C, � F Ru03BCSu0402ReR "C <

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Ru040ER Ru0458R � � � Su040F Ru0454R Ru0457ReS, P � P "� Ru0455Ru03BCRu0458Ru0454R Su040F Ru0457Ru0455Ru0491Ru0455S, Su0402R � Su0403R" Su040A Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Ru0458S <C u20AC R "Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405Ru0455Su0403S, Ryo ft Su0402Ru0455ReS, Ru03BCR" Su040ARu0405S <C … Ru0458R � C, � F Ru03BCSu0402ReR " Ru0455Ru0406 u00E2 u20AC "C u2020 Ru03BCRu0458Ru03BCRu0405S, Ru0405R � Su040F. Ru045ERu03BCRu0458 P u00B1 Ru0455R "Ru03BCRu03BC Su0453Ru0491ReRu0406ReS, Ru03BCR" Just Installed Ru0457Su0402Ru0455ReR � Ru0455S u20AC u20AC Ru03BCRu0491S PEP number PI Ru0405Ru03BCR number P u00B1 Su0453Ru0458 ReRu0405Ru0406Ru03BCSu0403S, the Republic u2020 PEP number PI Ru0457Ru0455Su0403R "Ru03BCRu0491Ru0405ReRu03BC Ru0456Ru0455Ru0491S <.

PP � Ru0457Ru0455Su0403R "Ru03BCRu0491Ru0405ReRu03BC C Su0402Re Ru0456Ru0455Ru0491R � C u00B1 P <P" the PS Ru0406Ru0406Ru03BCRu0491Ru03BCRu0405Ru0455 PI Su040CRu0454Su0403Ru0457R "Su0453R � C, F � C � u2020 ReSu040B Ru0457Ru0455Su0402Su040FRu0491Ru0454R Ru0491Ru03BCSu0403Su040FS, Ru0405Ru0455Ru0406S Re <C … C u2020 Ru03BCRu0458Ru03BCRu0405S, Ru0405S <C … R � P � Ru0406Ru0455Ru0491Ru0455Ru0406 Re P "ReRu0405ReR number Su0403Ru0455Ru0406Ru0455Ru0454Su0453Ru0457Ru0405Ru0455R number Ru0458Ru0455S u2030 Ru0405Ru0455Su0403S, Su040ASu040B Ru0455Ru0454Ru0455R" the PS 20 Ru0458R "the PS C, C u2020 Ru0455Ru0405Ru0405 Ru03BCRu0458Ru03BCRu0405S, P �. P "P" Su040F Su0403Su0402R � Ru0406Ru0405Ru03BCRu0405ReSu040F: PI 2012 Ru0456Ru0455Ru0491Su0453 P u00B1 C <P "the PS Ru0457Su0402Ru0455ReR � Ru0406Ru03BCRu0491Ru03BCRu0405Ru0455 61.5 Ru0458R" the PS C, C u2020 Ru0455Ru0405Ru0405 Ru03BCRu0458Ru03BCRu0405S, P � Ru0457Su0402Re Ru0457Ru0455S, Su0402Ru03BCR u00B1 R "Ru03BCRu0405ReRe 65.2 Ru0458R" With the PS, Ru0455Ru0405Ru0405 (Su0402Ru0455Su0403S, Ru0457Ru0455 Ru0455S, Ru0405Ru0455S u20AC Ru03BCRu0405ReSu040B Ru0454 Ru0456Ru0455Ru0491Su0453 2011 u00E2 u20AC "13.2%). Ru045CR � Su040CS, Ru0455Ru0458 C "Ru0455Ru0405Ru03BC Ru0455R u00B1 Su0409Ru03BCRu0458 Ru0405Ru0455Ru0406S <C … Ru0406Ru0406Ru03BCRu0491Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405S <C … u2030 Ru0458Ru0455S Ru0405Ru0455Su0403S, Ru03BCR number Ru0491Ru03BCR number ft Ru0406ReS, Ru03BCR" Su040ARu0405Ru0455 Ru0406Ru0457Ru03BCS u2021 P � C, P "Su040FRu03BCS,. P | Ru03BCRu0458Ru03BCRu0405S, Ru0405R � Su040F Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Ru0458S <C u20AC R "Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405Ru0455Su0403S, Su040A u00E2 u20AC" Ru0455Ru0491ReRu0405 pep � Su0403R � Ru0458S <C … Su040FSu0402Ru0454ReS … Ru0457Su0402ReRu0458Ru03BCSu0402Ru0455Ru0406 Ru0455S, Su0402R � Su0403R "Ru03BCR u2116, Ru0456Ru0491Ru03BC Ru0458Ru0455Ru0491Ru03BCSu0402Ru0405ReR � P � C u2020 ReSu040F Ru0457Su0402Ru0455ReR � Ru0406Ru0455Ru0491Su0403S , Ru0406R � ReRu0491Ru03BCS, P u00B1 C <ft Su0402S <Ru0458Re C � Ru03BCRu0458Ru0457R Ru0458Re Su0453R u00B6 Ru03BC Ru0405Ru03BCSu0403Ru0454Ru0455R "Su040ARu0454Ru0455 P" Ru03BCS,, Ru0457Ru0455Su040CS, Ru0455Ru0458Su0453 Ru0406R � u00D0 u00B6 Ru0405Ru0455 Ru0457Ru0455Ru0405Su040FS, Su040A, C u2021 C, the PS P � P � Ru0457Su0453Su0403S, PEP, "the PS Su040CS, Ru0455S, Ru0457Su0402Ru0455S u2020 Ru03BCSu0403Su0403.

Ru045FRu0455 Ru0405R � C u20AC Ru03BCRu0458Su0453 Ru0458Ru0405Ru03BCRu0405ReSu040B, PI Ru0458Ru0455Ru0491Ru03BCSu0402Ru0405ReR � P � C u2020 ReRu0455Ru0405Ru0405Su0453Su040B C "P � P � Su0453 Su0402R � F � Ru0406ReS, ReSu040F Ru0455S, Su0402R � Su0403R" Su040A Ru0406Ru0455S u20AC P "P � PI Su0403Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCRu0491ReRu0405Ru03BC 2008 Ru0456Ru0455Ru0491R �, Ru0454Ru0455Ru0456Ru0491R � C u2020 Ru03BCRu0458Ru03BCRu0405S, Ru0405S <P number Su0402S <Ru0405Ru0455Ru0454 Ru0455Ru0454R � F � P � P "Su0403Su040F Su0403ReR" Su040ARu0405Ru0455 Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCRu0456Su0402Ru03BCS, C <Cosmosblack Ru0457Ru0455 P "ReRu0405ReRe Su0403Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Su0403R �, P � Ru0457Ru0455 P" ReRu0405ReRe Ru0457Su0402Ru03BCRu0491R "Ru0455R u00B6 Ru03BCRu0405ReSu040F Ru0455Ru0456Su0402R � Ru0405ReS u2021 Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405S <Cosmosblack P u00B1 P "P � � Ru0456Ru0455Ru0491R Su0402Su040F Ru0491Ru03BCR number ft Ru0406ReSu040FRu0458 Su0402Ru03BCRu0456ReRu0455Ru0405R � P" Su040ARu0405Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Ru0458Ru0455Ru0405Ru0455Ru0457Ru0455R "ReSu0403S, P � The" P u2022 u2020 Ru0406Su0402Ru0455S Ru03BCRu0458Ru03BCRu0405S, Ru0456Su0402Su0453Ru0457Ru0457V "C u2021 C, the PS Re Ru0406S <P � Ru0406R � P "the PS P u00B1 Ru03BCS Ru03BCRu0405S u20AC <P number Su0402Ru0455Su0403S, C u2020 Just Installed. P 'of the Republic, Ru0455Ru0456Ru03BC Ru0458Ru0405Ru0455Ru0456ReRu03BC Su0402Ru0455Su0403Su0403ReR number Su0403Ru0454ReRu03BC Re P � P � u00B1 Su0402Su0453R Ru03BCR u00B6 Ru0405S <Ru03BC Ru0457Su0402Ru03BCRu0491Ru0457Su0402ReRu0405ReRu0458R � C, Ru03BCR "Re Ru0455Ru0454R � F � P � P" ReSu0403Su040A Ru0456Ru0455S, Ru0455Ru0406S <ReRu0405Ru0406Ru03BCSu0403S, ReSu0402Ru0455Ru0406R � C, Su040A PI ft , Su0402Ru0455ReS, Ru03BCR "Su040ASu0403S, Ru0406Ru0455 Ru0405Ru0455Ru0406S <C … u2030 Ru0458Ru0455S Ru0405Ru0455Su0403S, Ru03BCR u2116. Ru045FSu0402Re C u2020 u2020 Ru03BCRu0458Ru03BCRu0405S Ru03BCRu0405Ru03BC C, � F Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402Ru0406Ru0455R number Ru0457Ru0455R "Ru0455Ru0406ReRu0405S <2008 Ru0456Ru0455 P" Su040BR u00B1 Ru0455R number Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Ru03BCRu0454S, Ru0455Ru0454Su0453Ru0457R � P "Su0403Su040F P � P � �-Ru0491Ru0406
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Finally, its first new plant worth 567 million dollars and a capacity of 3 million tons at the site "Podgorensky cement workers" in the Voronezh region has built a market leader "Evrotsement groups." The plant is designed to restore the shaken position of absolute dominance "Evrotsement groups" in Central Russia. However, this is unlikely to succeed — not so long ago, "Mordovcement", "Bazeltsement», Holcim and HeidelbergCement launched here new plants and lines. But perhaps all is not lost — after all, "Evrotsement groups" announced plans to build a new production line worth 400 million dollars and a capacity of 1.3 million tons to "Nevyansky cement workers" in the Sverdlovsk region.

Two more cement line builds and runs "Novoroscement" Leo Kvetnoy in their own backyards, in the Krasnodar Territory. Their total cost — nearly $ 1 billion, and capacity — 4.5 million tons. So the shortage of cement in the western part of the North Caucasus, it will not be soon.

Agriculture &Food

Traditionally, the AIC delights us with quite a lot of small investment projects. Today, there are ten total cost of $ 1 billion. We only mention two of the most unusual project.

In the Penza region the company "Tashir" builds greenhouse complex on 300 hectares worth more than $ 200 million. Part of the greenhouses are built, they will grow mainly roses. At first glance, the idea of growing flowers in Russia on an industrial scale, but still not in the south, it may seem very strange. Here's how to "Tashir" explained "Expert", whereby they will be competitive flowers: "Exporters, companies selling imported flowers in Russia are often faced with too long transportation and customs clearance. This greatly affects the key parameter flower — freshness. Then vendors placed flowers in a special part of resuscitating. As a result, after a short time of purchase imported roses are in a vase. Our Rose is not subjected to the stress during transportation and living longer. In addition, a substantial portion of colors we are going to sell through its own retail business in our shopping centers, and the retail price is much higher than wholesale. "

Another interesting project with a long-term vision is realized in the south of the country — in the Krasnodar region. The company "White Garden" began creating the garden of the complex for $ 23 million seedlings to planting apple trees on 20 hectares. It is assumed that the total area of the complex garden for growing apples, pears, stone fruit and berries in a few years will increase to 300 hectares, the gardens would be equipped with the automated control systems of mineral nutrition and irrigation. There will also be facilities for primary processing and storage of finished products. Our memory is the first sufficiently large investment project in this segment of the crop.


Erected "Tashiro" shopping malls worth 140 million and $ 180 million is no surprise in Moscow, and Nizhny Novgorod. But the SEC "Aero Park" in Bryansk, construction of which is a local company, "BinVest" promises to be a great event. Cost "Air Park" in 100 million dollars.

"This is the first real project of this scale in our region. Over the past few years in the Bryansk region was announced several projects in the field of commercial real estate. But according to analysts, will open in 2013, only one — "Aero Park." The anchor tenant will be the hypermarket "Ribbon" also in the mall will house stores of consumer electronics and children's products, restaurants, including the "McDonald's". The appearance in the Bryansk such a large international company as "McDonald's", shows the development of the city, on the formation of the culture of consumption among the population and improving the region's status in the eyes of investors. Following the large international companies appear and the best representatives of Russian business in this segment, which contributes to the development of Bryansk. Nice to know that our company is involved in increasing the investment attractiveness of the region ", — says Alexei Nevstruev, president and principal owner of" BinVesta. "


So far, the projects on construction of perinatal centers and clinics do not fall into our sample. They are funded by the state and performed exclusively social function — they can not be called investment projects in the usual sense, since the investment to pay off, and projects in health, until recently, it seemed, in principle, not payback.

But in this survey ranked investment project carried out by a private company MD Medical Group Investments Plc (principal owner — Mark Kurtzer). It is a clinical hospital "Lapin" in the Odintsovo district, Moscow region that cost investors $ 150 million. The hospital has a maternity hospital, a children's center (clinic and hospital), women's health center (clinic and hospital), Department of Surgery, trauma, diagnosis, rehabilitation, available around the clock medical care. Widely known MD Medical Group acquired in October 2012, following its IPO in London, during which attracted 289 million dollars. The company's capitalization was approximately $ 900 million, which was a shock to many entrepreneurs: it turned out to Russia to build a large business can be not only in the oil and other raw materials and polusyrevyh industries, but also in health care. By the way, the proceeds from the IPO means the company plans to invest in the construction of the new hospital in Ufa. That is, the IPO was used not for "okeshivaniya", as often happens in a major Russian business, and to obtain resources for the further accelerated development.
Figure 1…ializatsiyu/media/187359/ 
Monthly dynamics of the current private investment projects

Figure 2…ializatsiyu/media/187360/ 
I want to believe that this is the beginning of a long-term trend rise of the Russian machine-building, not just a one-time splash investaktivnosti. "

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