How to treat a middle-aged man?

How to treat a middle-aged man?

Scientists around the world are increasingly turning to disorders of potency and libido in men as precursors to more serious and dangerous diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Thus, the Italian doctors empirically established that a violation of potency appears in a large number of men2-3 years before the symptoms of coronary heart disease (CHD). 93% of men with erectile dysfunction and coronary artery disease have demonstrated that potency declined over1-3 year to heart problems. The scientists studied 285 men with coronary artery disease of varying severity. Men suffering from severe forms of ischemic heart disease, impotence is more common than in men with mild coronary artery disease. With the defeat of a coronary artery, violation of potency occurred four times more frequently than in the defeat of one coronary artery. Now with complaintsviolation the potency of the Italians immediately sent for a more thorough examination cardiovascular system.

"The data indicate that erectile dysfunction — One of the forms cardiovascular Diseases that precedes other manifestations, such as coronary heart disease. Men with erectile dysfunction, but without evidence of coronary artery disease, should be carefully examined to reveal hidden forms of heart disease. This group of patients, doctors should give advice on lifestyle changes, "- commented on the results of the study representative of the American Urological Association Ira Sharlip.

With their Western counterparts in complete agreement and Russian doctors. Moreover, they assert that a symptom of the general distress of the body is not only violation erectile function, but also an inadequate early reduction of the main male hormone — testosterone. At one of the workshops held during the annual All-Russian Congress of "Men's Health", the speakers conclusively confirmed the dependence of the overall health of men on the state of his libido and potency.

In the first half of the twentieth century domestic studies have shown that hypertension occurs more frequently in men with impaired sexual function (S.I.Karchikyan, 1930.), And the introduction of testosterone and has a strong hypotensive effect (T.T.Gluhenky, 1946) . Modern research confirms — hypertrophy of the left ventricle was significantly more common in men with lower testosterone.

57% of men who underwent aorto-coronary before shunting observed erectile dysfunction. And men hospitalized for myocardial infarction, the figure is even higher — 64%. Contact erectile dysfunction with the development of vascular lesions — a proven fact. No wonder many doctors refer to as erectile dysfunction, "coronary heart disease below the belt." Thus, the potency problems can and should be indicators of systemic atherosclerosis, as well as an early signal of increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

Regarding the decrease in testosterone levels — that in current clinical practice, there are no fundamental difficulties in the diagnosis of the level of destruction hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular system. Since this violation negative impact on the state of many organs and systems, significantly impairs the quality of life of patients, the targeted screening of men of mature age is more than relevant.

Both Russian and Western research eloquently: patients with disorders of libido and potency, usually disturbs the whole spectrum somatic-vegetative disorders significantly affecting the quality of life of men. What is the root of the problem?

Scientists believe — every man for unwanted changes more often than not associated with age, and other circumstances of life for patients, including the prevalence of bad habits, some acute and especially chronic diseases. Running, untimely and inadequate treatment of the disease are often the cause of erectile dysfunction, and early decline in testosterone levels, which in itself is launching a new cascade of physiological disorders.

Unfortunately, our man to his adulthood approaches, burdened with many illnesses, acquired over a lifetime. Thus, according to statistics (data LPU Moscow), the number of patients with so-called polypathy — two or more diseases in history — at the age of 50-60 years account for 46% of the total amount applied, and at the age of 60-70 yo — all 58%.

Let's try to sketch a portrait of the typical Russian middle-aged men. It has at least one disease refers to different doctors about vegetative-vascular symptoms of "obscure" etiology, taking different medications (usually quite haphazardly), has problems with potency, but on this occasion to the doctors to address a hurry. Shy, afraid of a severe sentence, said that in this case the medicine is powerless. It is very possible — a decreased level of testosterone, but do not know it, and suffers from fatigue, insomnia, depression, and so on.

Unfortunately, the doctors themselves often enough to seriously reflect on the causes of ill health, are complaining of their patients — men aged 40 years and older. Meanwhile, modern medicine has a wide array of tools that can provide effective relief for a man, to prevent the dangerous development of vascular disorders, return the man's strength, and — along with it — the feeling of fullness of life. How to treat a middle-aged man?

More familiar with some effective and comfortable for the patient's methods of correction of erectile dysfunction, and testosterone replacement therapy can be — respectively — at (as well as by telephone "hot line": 8-800-20010-15), and You can also get information about the problem and how to solve it in the materials "Packaging with a twinkle," a doctor or pharmacies of your city.

Worldwide, potency disorders affects about 300 million men. Moreover, among men with a confirmed diagnosis of CHD prevalence of erectile dysfunction as high as 75%. Something to think about.

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