How to win at the races sperm?

How to win at the races sperm?  Drawing from the site

Quick sperm are needed not just for fun. In fact, their mobility — a key indicator of male sexual health. To increase their speed, you need to, for example, to abstain from sex for a short time. A bottle of beer — on the contrary, almost contraceptive.

Power in Motion

The average speed of a sperm — 3 mm per minute. But direct distances they can accelerate to 10 times faster. The first training session begins sperm in the tubules of the epididymis. There, they begin to move and overcome the distance of a few meters.

But the speed of the sperm does not need to wander around the man's body. It is much more important than reaching the egg by acidic, damaging to their environment of the vagina. Then sperm moved through the cervix, the uterus itself, and only gets in the fallopian tube, where it is met with an egg. And fertilizes it the fastest of the millions of sperm.

Healthy men only 30-35% of the sperm have normal mobility. A lower this figure could not be easier to drink a bottle of beer, a little sleep, overdo the exercise.

To show the impact of these factors, even in the UK staged a race of sperm. As donors were two men: the scientist and the artist-comedian. Before the competition, they had to drive a different way of life.

Such races are not surprising.

The first "race" of sperm were a few years ago at an exhibition of electronic arts Art Electronica: sperm samples anyone wanting to explore the computer, which gave their opinion on the quality, density, mobility, etc.

In 2003, the sexy sport step further: in Sweden was Reproductive Olympics, during which 15 pairs had sex a weekend in a special hotel, competing in the speed of conceiving a child. However, the process itself is not broadcast on TV. But that's just the beginning!

Do not be ruled out that such events in the future will help to solve the problem of population control — in fact, instead of their own sex, millions of people will be watching how the pros do it.

But, back to the races sperm. In order to win — necessary to train. In fact, the method of training is quite simple. Here we give some tips to follow if you did not guarantee victory, it certainly helps to achieve better results.

What can and should be?

Ready to race for the needseveral weeks. We must start with proper and regular meals. Among the recommended foods — meat and nuts. Help correct routine and healthy sleep.

Do not forget about vitamins — mainly C and E. The first direct effect on sperm motility, and the second as a whole improves the sexual glands.

The largest concentration of motile sperm obtained if a few days a man abstains from sex. Moreover, the selection of the best sperm usually occurs after the first sexual intercourse.

What can be?

The most important thing — you can not get sick. It is necessary to treat all chronic diseases, especially inflammatory disease and even more sexual organs. Sperm motility decreases sharply with prostatitis and any sexually transmitted infections.

Quality sperm deteriorates from the action of toxins. As a toxin-contraceptive will go quite a cigarette or a bottle of beer. Not to mention the drugs.

Besides, mobility Sperm worsen many drugs — from antibiotics to … "Viagra". How do I find the British researchers, the drug only helps to improve potency, but the probability of conception, on the contrary — falls to third.

If man does not want to lose, he should not overheat. "Egg Samurai" — is even a kind of method of contraception. Its essence lies in the fact that man every day for two monthsseveral holds the testicles minutes in hot water (about 40 degrees). As a result, become the father he is not threatened at least the next six months.

But what about the prize?

Award winner races sperm hand on the threshold of the nearest hospital, about nine months after the contest. Necessarily be present. Dress code — suit. With colors.

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