Human rights activist: Do not have an army of the Russian Federation

Human rights activist: Russia has no army

The situation with hazing in the Russian army is getting worse, according to the management of the Crimean regional organization of soldiers 'mothers' sons for "Valentine Babynina. As stated by the human rights activist told "Rosbalt", this event forced the soldiers' mothers across the country to write a letter of appeal to the President of the Russian Federation.

"Now in Russia there is no army that can defend the country. Earlier in the army was not bad, but it became even worse," — told Valentina Babynina.

As specified human rights activist, many of the soldiers' mothers to nedavneshnego time had hoped that president and the government "senses" and will accept measures to restore order to the military structures. But the tightening of the situation with delays, the new feral cases of "bullying" and "fraternities" have dispelled these hopes.

"Army should be healthy and strong. Young people — that in 18 years, which is 28 years old — with a desire to go into such an army, and not forced. If not, then, means our country has no army, "- identified Valentina Babynina.

Note by 22 human rights organizations, in the main — Soldiers' Mothers of the 14 regions of the country appeal to President of the Russian Federation in connection with the death of the soldier Ruslan Ayderhanova.

"We believe that in the years of silence the truth of failed reforms and carrying out sabotage" cosmetic "changes, accumulated quite evidence that under the draft system to improve the situation is unreal. We demand the abolition of mandatory military service, or, at least, it the suspension to produce a new fit for the Constitution and international acts on the protection of human rights legislation and its passage clearly pinning its only purpose: providing military-trained reserve. We demand the abolition of the military justice system. We are convinced that if the call to his Russian option is not possible modernization of the country, "- said the creators of the appeal.

Recall from the military unit in the village Araslanova Chelyabinsk region has come a zinc coffin with the body of a fighter Ruslan Ayderhanova. According to the official version, the soldiers of committed suicide by hanging himself from a tree. Relatives Ruslan, revealing the zinc coffin, found on the body of the deceased numerous wounds.

Photo wounds Ruslan inhabitants of the village were sent Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, and the address of President Dmitry Medvedev took a collective appeal. The inhabitants of rural settlements refused to send their own sons to the army.

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