Human rights activists from the United Nations insulted Israel

Human rights activists from the United Nations hurt IsraelAccording to "", Tel Aviv decided to break the case with the UN Council on Human Rights. This was stated by Yigal Palmor, a spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

This decision may be due to the initiative of the Council on the establishment of a special commission to investigate, it is not going to infringe the rights of Palestinians by Jewish settlers in the West Bank. Jordan. Prior to that, Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister Israel, already referred to it decision Council "embarrassing." Subjected to UN decision criticism and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel: "What is cooperate with the mission, the conclusions of which are made in advance?"

A Silvan Shalom, the foreign minister, said that the Council — "Worse than the United Nations General Assembly." Shalom said that while "this structure is composed of countries hostile to Israel, we initially clear what the outcome of their investigation." According to Shalom, if the verdict is known in advance, it makes no sense to cooperate with the tribunal. Shalom also said that Tel Aviv does not want to put up with insolent attempts Palestinian Authority to act against Israel.

According to the "RBC", referring to its own source diplomatically in circles, MFA Israel encourages other countries to break the case with the "pro-Palestinian" by the UN.

Israel has long not like the UN resolution. In October 2011, UNESCO included Palestine in its full members. So Makar, the organization supported the independence of Palestine — despite the fact that the United States threatened to suspend funding for UNESCO with a positive decision on the Palestinian request. The United States in such cases, word and deed are not sprawl: a payment of $ 60 million was canceled. And yet, for the adoption of Palestine to the ranks of the organization voted 100 seven members of UNESCO. Fourteen members were against, and another 52 countries abstained.

Recall that the Gaza Strip and West Preserving the river. Jordan Israel occupied in 1967, during the War of Judgement day or. And for several decades in the settlements built in the West Bank, lives almost three thousand Israelis. Palestine reaches recovery areas within its historical borders, but progress here is not observed. Israel declares that Jerusalem is the undivided capital of the Jewish state and the Palestinians believe this city has. Our homeland, as in his time Russian Alliance stands for an independent Palestine.

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