Human rights activists have condemned the shooting of prisoners Syrian fighter

Human rights activists have condemned the shooting of prisoners Syrian soldiers

International human rights organization Humans Right Watch strongly condemned the shooting of unarmed prisoners fighter Syrian government troops who committed the Islamist militants. Of days before shooting this execution penetrated the Web and practically undermined the public. Representatives Humans Right Watch dubbed this action war crime, TV channel "Our homeland 24".

Record disgusting properties — Adventure forbade shooting, and who creator video sequence, up to now not clear. Prisoners who had fought on the side of Assad ordered to sit down, raise your hands, then execute unarmed people. The chaotic shooting lasts more than a minute.

Recently the Turkish newspaper "Milliyet" said the capture of the forces of the opposition Free Syrian Army in the south of Aleppo 2-police stations and headquarters' Shebbiha "- armed groups supporting President Bashar al-Assad CAP. The number of victims of the attacks of 41, including seven police officers, 17 military personnel were captured by the SSA.

The conflict between Damascus and the official opposition has continued for almost 18 months. During this time, the victims of the confrontation, according to the UN, began more than 19 thousand people. On Thursday, it was clear on the resignation of the UN and the Arab League envoy to Syria, Kofi Annan, the creator of the plan to overcome the crisis, which almost Fri did not adhere to either the government forces and the opposition.

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