Hungry British schoolchildren

School principals and doctors urge to provide free breakfasts for needy children in the school, after a Guardian study found that almost half of the teachers in the UK bring food for the students who come to school with empty stomachs.

Four out of five teachers (83%) see every day in the morning hungry students, and 55 percent say that up to a quarter of all students come to school hungry. More than half said that the number of students last year or two is growing, as many families are affected by unemployment, recession and benefit cuts.

In a survey of 591 teachers across Britain, 49 per cent said that they are committed to the school food or fruit to give to children who did not have breakfast. Almost one in five (17%) give children money so they could buy lunch.

Nearly four-fifths of teachers (78%) say that children in need and should also provide free breakfasts, as well as some now provide free lunches.

Chairman of the Royal College of General Practitioners, Dr Clare Gerada said that free breakfasts will help help solve poverty-related malnutrition and health problems in children, improve their self-esteem and reduce social gaps within school class.

The president of the National Association of Directors of Schools Steve Iredale, says, "The study is quite shocking. But I am sure that the problem is growing. I see it in my school. A child who comes to school hungry and sluggish, can not learn. Free breakfast would help deal with this problem. '"

But to introduce free school meals in the plans of the British ministers are not included. The Ministry of Education offers schools use their own resources to arrange the free supply of students.

In the meantime, those involved charities. For example, the organization of Magic Breakfast distributes free breakfasts in 200 of the 1,000 primary schools, since last year they have increased shipments by 20%, but the demand does not keep up. This is evidenced by the founder of Kermel McConnell:

"The demand is increasing. The demand for our services exceeds our capacity. When I ask the school why they need more food, they say that many children come to school hungry. When I ask why, they say that in the past year, more and more parents have lost their jobs.

And this is still school teachers still can not afford to feed the students … citing

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