Hurricane frequency depends on air purity

June 25, 2013. A group of researchers from the meteorological centers Hadley conducted studies on the relationships between the frequency and intensity of storms and air quality, and came to very interesting results. As the researchers found, the efforts of people to make the air cleaner does not always have a positive impact on the mitigation of hurricanes or to prevent their formation.

It has long been known that in the modern atmosphere is a certain amount of solid particles of a certain size, for example, waste aerosols from industrial facilities or home-types of human activity. It is these aerosols serve as a shield to prevent excessive heating of the surface of the sea and land in the North Atlantic region, which in turn helps to reduce hurricane activity, weakens the mechanisms of their formation and reduces the potential threat of this type of natural disaster.

In addition, the presence of a certain amount of the pollutant in the air, the clouds accelerates the process of precipitation. Foreign particles act as nuclei for the condensation of steam, rain clouds are filled faster and faster depleted, which also reduces the risk of abnormally large and dangerous downpours, tropical storms, piling up a long time in terms of clean air.

Each of the 20 th century there was a process of accumulation of pollutants in the atmosphere, and in parallel with the process of moving them to reduce tropical storms and hurricanes. At the beginning of this century over the North Atlantic due to the efforts of environmentalists air has become cleaner. From the latest news reports show that Atlantic hurricanes have become more severe and frequent it in the late 20 th — early 21 th century. It is possible that the first event provided an opportunity for a second.

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