I can not figure out how to eat less


At a meeting with Senator Tom Harkin (Tom Harkin — Democrat, Iowa), one woman broke down in tears during the debate over President Barack Obama's plan to introduce additional reduction of social security.
During this year, the White House considers the project cuts, known as «chained CPI», in which proposed a more stringent test subsistence minimum social security system, which means that older people need to change their buying habits, as some products become more expensive.

Lawyers for the group Social Security Works said, that compared with the current state, a person who enters into the social security system under «chained CPI» at the age of 62 will receive benefits by 7.32% per year to less than 88 years old.
"I regret to say that the president of my party protects it, and he is wrong," — said Tuesday Harkin a group of elderly people in the retirement center. — "I'm tired of people saying that we should cut back on social security. I think we need to go back and say something like, no, you have to increase social welfare. "

Many visitors also spoke out against the plan, but one woman — Cheryl Teniket (Sheryl Tenicat), begging him not to cut social security, showed excessive emotionality:
"I get 624 dollars a month, this is what I live for," — explained Teniket. — "99 [dollars] from this go to part A and B of Medicare. As soon as I get my check every two weeks, he flies away. I have nothing. I live only what I eat. I did not want to cut my cost of living, because I was paying to the government, since the age of 16. In their retirement years, I have a job to be able to exist. I have a house, but I do not know how long it will last, as I have to pay taxes on the property. "

Teniket added that her car broke down, and now to get to the retirement center and get a free meal, he has to ride the bus. "I can not figure out how to eat less," — she said.


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