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Yuri KofnerRussian German. Convinced Eurasian. Born in Munich in 1988 graduated Klostergymnasium Schaftlarn in Bavaria and Clifton College in England. Moved to Russia in 2006, graduate of MGIMO (University) of the MFA of the Russian Federation, where he founded and headed the Eurasian debating club. The leader of the Eurasian Youth Movement "YOUNG afraid" and head of the Center for Eurasian, European co-operation at the Institute of Community. Expert INION. Area of interest: philosophy of Eurasia, Eurasian integration, the problems of socio-economic modernization project "Wider Europe"."I know one thing, and tell you a secret that, if Russia will be saved, it is only as a Eurasian power, and just across the Eurasian." LN Gumilev

Often hear people whispering. Often see the eyes of people on the forehead climb by what he heard. What? How is it — left Germany to Russia to live life here?

"Stupid European boy! Another regret that left Germany, still learns how to live in this hole, sniffs the present life and as a nice little return back to his cushy job! "Yes, I agree that our country is really a lot of problems, but I'm not blind romantic.

I see dozens of alcoholics and homeless people near the house where I live, I see people throw garbage at his feet when standing next to garbage can, see how the quarrel over trifles in the bus when the rent nerves after a long day's work. See cronyism and corruption is widespread. I see it all, but it does not frighten me, and provides an incentive to try to improve our homeland, charges new ideas and pushing for action.

So I decided to create a first Eurasian Club of MGIMO, where I study, and then the youth movement "Young Eurasia" to have a site in Russia and CIS countries for the education of the new elite and the possible solutions to pressing problems through the Eurasian philosophy.

I think youth is the main driver of all. And the more people we "wake up", derive from a state of indifference and passivity — the more chance we have to help Russia become a strong and prosperous nation, and the future of the Eurasian Union — a truly powerful integration union.

Moreover, I was not happy with the way to the "Young Eurasia" Eurasianism was presented in Russia. After all, is not true that Eurasianism — the ideology of Russian imperialism, authoritarianism, sovetchiny. I want people to look at the Eurasian project as a welcome chance to change the life of the community for the better, as the construction of the fact that classical Eurasians called the "State of Truth."

"Or maybe he's just a loser? Rather, he lived there himself in Germany on social sphere, does not stand out, nobody touched. And then came to us — for it is probably a banana republic — and began kicking the door open. Blinded some movement and wants us to be here all listened to what he was broadcasting from its bell tower. Just can not realize itself there! Never be Russian! "

This category of people do not like to brag, but to respond briefly.

I was born and grew up in a wealthy intellectual family: Mom — German who owns a hotel in Munich, a thoroughbred bavarka, Dad — immigrant from the Soviet Union, a famous doctor, one of Germany's best orthopedists. His grandmother was a noblewoman, which was later deported to Kazakhstan — well, the usual story for the Russian Germans.

I went to private schools in Bavaria and England, in the summer he lived in our family home in Florida, USA. If you say in Russian — live like a lord. So is the real delusion — to think of me as a man who came from rags to riches.

While living in England, getting all the creature comforts, delicious eating, at some point I realized that what I have is — is empty. Began to feel that the soul remains hungry even after a beautiful and delicious meal. I felt something was missing wildly. Then I was 15 years old and I still do not quite understand what it was.

At this time began to read a lot, filling the spiritual emptiness knowledge of bygone eras, and somehow stumbled on Russian thinkers, of course, in translation, because I did not know Russian language. I began to wake up in the one piece of Russian, which led me and made learning more and more about the country that has been a mystery to me.

Looking for my soul, avidly reading the Russian classics, especially the Titans Russian social philosophy: Leont'ev, N. Danilevsky, Fedorov, S. Bulgakov, Berdyaev, S., G. Florenskogo. Even then, I do not have any doubt that link my fate with that of Russia.

It happened. Insisted on Russia's admission to college — chose MGIMO and left.

Somewhere in the second year he first read "The outcome of the East" in 1921. And since Eurasians became part of my life, they are beyond comparison. N. Troubetzkoy, P. Sawicki, Alekseev and co. more holistically expressed in words what I have felt for Russia-Eurasia. It is not the West and the East, and is the link for both independent and began to "average world" pole of the future …

Thus, even before it became mainstream, I began to closely study the Eurasian and now consider myself a staunch to the bone Eurasians.

Now, in contrast to his previous life in Germany, my family — my wife and beautiful baby — I live in a modest little apartment near Moscow, as an ordinary Soviet citizen. And you know what? I'm really happy! Because happiness is not money, but in love. In search of the Russian soul I became Russian Orthodox man. Russian, not because my father is Russian blood, and because Russian I myself bring up. Even a black man can become a Russian, if he really loves Russia, if all of its existence shows its commitment to its traditions and culture, and creative. Even Stalin once said: "I am Russian Georgian origin." This bright idea of citizenship and human power is Russian and Eurasian idea.

PS Victor Marakhovsky

After reading an autobiographical presentation of our new colleagues from a number of readers is likely to be a new version of the diatribe, designed to protect the inviolability of the axiom "there for us normal people do not go." Version will sound like this: "Well, the guy was originally a member of the elite — and has moved from the British private school at MGIMO, as for spirituality in India: not dropping social status. With this status — yes, anywhere you can dream about ideas. "

And it is in some sense true. In this old Europe — to even have the skills to dreams, you do well to be born in an intellectual family and go through the elite private school. (In Europe, the newer and poploshe — with that, oddly enough, easier. Just because there is still not completely eaten the remains of the system of education and training, sharpened by the mass creation of dreamers.)

So — in Russia in the coming years and decades, if anything, will be moving out of the so-called "First World" just like that. Those with skills dreams are not atrophied and would like to apply them beyond the last addon to "Civilization".

And they will move us to clean the smell of freedom — of the world where, in addition to other charms, most recently scored a double poherili right to privacy and the Vienna Convention at the same time.

Russia, of course, does not guarantee that all of these fugitives to freedom happens. Russia will make its own changes. But then they would have at least a chance for the embodiment of dreams.

How, by the way, every citizen of Russia, had not forgotten how to dream.


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