Iceland volcano eruption in anticipation

Iceland volcano eruption in anticipation Natural Disasters

Scientists say that in one of the largest volcanoes in Iceland, Katla, will soon begin the delayed eruption. Over its history Katla eruptions have been observed two times per century. However, the last was in 1918, 93 years ago. Scientists have noted the growing tremors in Katla. Last week, one of the earthquake reached force 4 on the Richter scale, followed by decreased activity of the volcano for a while. Other earthquakes in the area of the volcano are small and do not pose a threat.

David Rothery, a scholar of British Open University, said that in the near future there may be a Katla eruption either, or attenuation. Volcano partially covered glacier, which means that its eruption could cause serious flooding.

Volcanic eruption in one of the neighboring regions last year caused by the worst smog, due to which for weeks had been suspended transatlantic air travel.

Photo: Iceland Met Office

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