IDB «Sarmat» will put into service in 2018

In recent years, the Russian Ministry of Defence appeared typical tradition. Before prazdnichkom or another kind of his command of troops in charge of the public about the latest achievements and future plans. First, this week’s word was taken Commander Strategic Missile Forces, Colonel-General purpose S. Karakayev.

Development of Strategic Missile Forces mission is one of the main tasks of the current state armaments program. According to current plans, over the next years to happen cardinal updating equipment and weapons SRF. In 2018 fraction of new weapons and equipment should reach 80%. To this assumed to continue delivery techniques are utilized in production. In addition, should be completed several projects. Due to this the end of the decade the number of obsolete and obsolescent missiles or auxiliary equipment is constantly declining.

With all of this, but the command of the Strategic Missile Forces and the Ministry of Defence did not want to immediately be removed from of old missiles. According to Colonel General S. Karakaeva, intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) R-36M2 «Governor» will remain in service until 2022. ICBMs this model, adopted in the late 80s, will continue to service. Their number is constantly decreasing and first subsequent decades, these missiles will be one hundred per cent removed from duty.

Russian strategy configuration and implementation of strategic rocket forces mission involves the simultaneous operation of missiles 2-classes: languid and easy. In the lightweight class in the future will be used missiles «Topol-M» and «Yars». His replacement languid «Governor» that can be removed from duty, will come new missiles «Sarmat». The adoption of this missile system is expected in 2018-20 years. So Makar, the creation of new model rockets will go right to the reduction in the number of old, that will allow to update the Strategic Missile Forces, without affecting their ability.

RVSN Commander says the new missile «Sarmat» will not yield «Governor» on the features and combat effectiveness. Brand new rocket will be able to destroy targets at huge distances, using different lines of flight movements. Brand new control system must ensure the highest precision guided warheads. Starting weight of modern missiles, as stated earlier, will exceed 100 tons.

Development of the newest intercontinental ballistic missile «Sarmat» began at the end of the past decade. The existence of such a project in the summer of 2009 for the first time said N. Solovtsov, while the last Commander of the Strategic Missile Forces. Slightly later appeared the first information about the projected timing of completion of the project — the development was planned to finish in 2017. Finally, in September last year said S. Karakayev plans to adopt the newest ICBM into service. As for now, a year earlier defense ministry planned to start buying new missiles in 2018-20 years.

The «Sarmatian» developed by a group of organizations in the defense industry, led by the Municipal rocket Centre. VP Makeev. According to some sources, the mass production of new missiles will be deployed at the Krasnoyarsk Machine-Building Plant. For obvious reasons, such information may not reflect reality, as the project has not yet reached even before the testing stage. Last fall, Russian media reports appeared disk imaging, according to which the Ministry of Defence saw conceptual design rocket complex «Sarmatian» and approved it subject to a number of observations. Soon after that, work began on the technical project. This summer, it became clear that in 2014 planned to build a full-scale layout. So Makar, in the coming years we can expect the first test firing.

Design, composition and properties of promising equipment ICBM «Sarmat» remain unknown. Given the lack of official disk imaging arise conjectures and estimates based on last year’s statements Colonel General S. Karakaeva. Then he mentioned that brand new rocket for the Strategic Missile Forces will have a launch weight of 100 tons. Based on this disk imaging, made all the guesswork. Apparently, the design of the rocket «Sarmatian» in the main terms of their own will be similar to the R-36M2 «Governor.» In this case, promising ICBM will be a two-stage rocket with breeding stage warheads. There is reason to believe that a rocket «Sarmat» will apply liquid engines. But we should not forget that the official information on the technical as promising missiles is limited only approximate information about its starting weight.

Development and construction of new ICBM will allow languid spend an equivalent substitution of obsolete weapons available types. Statement on languid arms missiles with warheads class personal guidance in the context of the Strategic Missile Forces is a method of re cardinal modernization of existing delivery systems. Service life of existing missiles «Governor» is coming to an end, because of what the foreseeable future you want to make a new set of features with similar combat. Specifically, they will become «Sarmat».

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