In Australia's largest open network of water reserves

In Australia's largest open network of water reserves to save the planet

Leaders of Australia officially announced the creation and opening of the world's largest network of marine reserves, which are designed to protect more than 2.3 million km2 area covered by ocean ecosystems.

Reserves opening was preceded by years of planning and consultation with ecologists and biologists. And now the list of flora and fauna, placed under protection, greatly expanded. In the list of many endangered species (blue whale, the green turtle, the gray nurse shark, dugong), habitat is constantly shrinking due to human intervention and climate change.
Opening a network of reserves is broadly supported public because most people in the survey of 80 000 possible proposals for the protection of areas voted for giving the status of the reserve. Although representatives of the fishing industry is not enthusiastic about the prospects and the claim that the existence of the protected area will completely destroy the coastal communities, the working mass is lost, seafood industry will suffer huge losses. But received a counter notification from the authorities that the communities will be compensated at the rate of Aus $ 100 million

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