In Australia lunar mineral found

Australia has found a lunar mineral Facts

In the west of Australia in rocks billions of years old earth scientists found similar trankilliteita, lunar mineral consisting of iron, zirconium, yttrium, titanium, silicon and oxygen. The mineral was named after the Sea of Tranquility (Mare Tranquillitatis) on the moon, where he first saw the Apollo 11 mission in 1970. Earlier trankilliteita found only in samples from the moon or lunar meteorites.

Fig. 2. Long believed that the mineral found in Australian rocks, is present only on the surface of the moon.

Birger Rasmussen, a geologist at the University of Courtney Bentley, Australia, took over 40 years to discover mineral on Earth. Since trankilliteit formed by the decay of uranium, is subject to change under the influence of heat and fluid and is available in small quantities, it is difficult to detect. To examine the electron microscope specimen mineral, researchers used the method of polishing dolerite layers instead study debris.

Fig. 3. Trankilliteit — only "precious" lunar mineral found in Australia.

Data on the discovery published in the January issue of the journal "Geology". Despite the small sample size of the mineral (the width of a human hair no more than about a micron in length) were able to confirm the structure, which coincides with the lunar trankilliteitom. There are suggestions that the deposit can be not only in the west of Australia. With no commercial value trinkilliteit his presence on this planet confirms the similarity of terrestrial and lunar chemical processes.

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