In Berlin, opened a home for elderly gays

In Berlin, opened Europe's first house built especially for elderly gay men and lesbians. The apartments in this house are not cheap, but are in great demand: many elderly people are tired of hiding their addiction and want to live, avoiding oblique views of conservative neighbors.

In the new house on Niburshtrasse they will not only feel comfortable, but also receive the necessary care and services 24 hours a day, reports Euromag.

On the second floor there is even a special room for gay men suffering from senile dementia.

Purchase and renovation of the house was worth 6 million euros. On the ground floor is now a restaurant, a large garden. It is also the Board of homosexuals — a German human rights organization, founded 32 years ago.

Since May, the house already live 33 people, most of them older than 55 years, although officially there is no age limit for renters.

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