In Florida, there was a tornado

July 11, 2013. Last Tuesday, the city of Palmetto, Florida, United States, tornadoes hit. Suffered at least 12 homes. The degree of damage varies from minor damage to complete destruction.

One person suffered minor injuries. Two families were left without a roof over their heads. They are helped by the local branch of the Red Cross. The other tornado victims found temporary refuge with family members or friends, writes Herald-Tribune.

John and his wife Nancy Kedlik recall sitting in the living room and watch TV, when suddenly noticed a cloud of dust on the street and bendable trees in the wind. "I did not attach any importance," — says John Kedlik. — "Lay Me in the chair, and suddenly the roof over your head is gone. We are fortunate that we are not sucked into the funnel. "

According to the eyewitnesses, the tornado swept through the city in just a few seconds and then disappeared. City authorities are assessing the damage.

Source: News Gismeteo


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