In Indonesia experienced severe floods, there are victims

July 19, 2013. Two residents of the Indonesian province of South East Sulawesi were killed and almost 30,000 have been made homeless as a result of severe floods, said Friday the newspaper Jakarta Post.

"Two of the victims were residents of the colony and subdistricts Laeyya", — said the head of the district administration Konave South Imran (Imran). Almost continuous rain for the past few days has led to the fact that the area was under water for almost 80% of its territory, he added.

Total in South Konave flood inundated 227 villages completely destroyed 447 homes, damaged four bridges and landslides caused them to violate a message on many roads. At present, the water remains almost 3.5 thousand houses, and more than 27.8 thousand people living in them are forced to seek refuge in the unaffected areas of disaster, said Imran.

District authorities are doing everything possible to help his people, he added. "We built evakotsentry and distribute such aid as food, medicine and blankets", — concluded the head of the district.

Illegal deforestation of the world's largest archipelago in recent years, increasingly leading to severe floods throughout its territory. According to Indonesian media, that deforestation was the main cause of the disaster in October 2010 in the town Vasior West Papua province, which is located in the far east of Indonesia. Prolonged heavy rains overflowed the lake above the city and the river that comes out of it. They burst their banks and flood waters up to three meters hit the city and its suburbs, uprooting old trees and demolishing houses and bridges. The floods killed nearly 300 people and several surrounding villages literally wiped off the face of the earth. Evacuated from the disaster zone then had more than 9,000 people.

Source: RIA Novosti Ukraine

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