In London you do not want

Then I saw people wrote below pros London. Now a little about the cons. I happen to live there, too, and learn.

1) There is no central heating system, as we have. That is in the house served only cold water, and electricity. So, if you live in central London it is usually worth burzhuyka in the house, it periodically buy a gas cylinder with a dear dear Gazkom from Gazprom itself and heated. Water tap and batteries is the same. That is podbavil Gazkom, it was warm in the room, went down to wash all the water warmed from the batteries flows into the tub and walk into a cold room. And both water and gas are expensive, there are cases outside London pensioners pension is not enough for heating, they are frozen in homes. The houses are usually wall cardboard unlike ours.

If you live in residential areas of the city, there is electricity, the water warms up in the houses, as we have in the cottages instantaneous heaters, which we put in the shower or in Moscow when the hot water shut off for 2 weeks. Usually, all washed in the shower head from the wall razogrevalki no direct shower over the body so that virtually drive a trickle reach the outskirts, in contrast to our Moscow smashing you down. I first came back as a good strong buzz from the Russian soul is caught! To have good pressure pump was put into the house further, but it is only the rich are doing it. Bath is also not at all, usually only showers.

2) The water and electricity are a lot of pay, plus council tax (this is a local tax on households) as a result of the night often people themselves cut off heating in the winter and everyone is asleep under the warm blankets, I'm Scottish family room while filming, was sleeping in his pants, t-shirt, sweater and hat on his head, as cardboard walls in homes and very cold. then moved to the center of London where he has commanded a small stove and stoked the maximum, but it was still cold, not that of our radiators, which in the winter so that *** at minus 25 outside the window you open from the heat.

3) Crime is higher than in Moscow. If the bus at night with the club can not you go sit on the second floor can domotatsya better closer to the driver, and if someone starts talking to pretend that you do not understand English, will be left behind. There are areas (south-east, east, south of London) where a business suit, or if suneshsya dressed normally, the 300 meters will not pass — undress, everything will be taken away. I have not tried to call in such areas, but we were in college events. Police do not have enough, the locals have long complained and then municipalities have decided to form vigilantes, it's like a police officer, but a bit different in shape and do not have a gun.

4) The budget does not have enough money for a lot of social things, like lunatics in asylums contain and therefore they are released. A psycho out there like they want to back and back to pick up the people they began to push the subway under the train to the death, the newspaper wrote, then put them all back and have allocated money for the maintenance.

5) On the subway is not enough money in the budget. so the trains are disgusting, unlike Moscow, often get stuck and can not move for hours in a tunnel full of people. At the station you come there as a rule as reports from the front on the board write, saying that such and such and such and such a line stood for 2 hours worth of on such a delay of 40 minutes. And the monthly ticket on the subway costs 200 bucks if you do not live in the center, and for example in the area of 6. Salaries of them in Moscow, sometime before taxes 22,000 pounds a year is the average for London, but after taxes it is about 15,000, it's got a month where that 1150 pounds of life from which to dick for communal, travel on public transport *** cloud costs that we are small. The result is the income they complete ** na, when I was living in a family of Scottish, so at the Moscow habit of meat in the supermarket buying any expensive, sausage, and did not even pay attention, because somehow watching children go and licked my mistress Tartan asks "what are you from a wealthy family in Russia", I say "no, out of the ordinary, middle-class."

6) The English culture is not different. In the subway at rush hour the men with the women can fight due to the fact that someone came up someone, cuss when nazhrutsya very aggressive and arrogant, like our cattle. In the center of urolifty specially choreographed for the people of the clubs out and pissing straight on the road and at home, so after 23 bring mobile urinals are put in the middle of the sidewalk, so they Ssali.

7) Treat Russian — people of the third grade. The second grade at them Australians, Germans (for what that was bombed in the 43rd.) Russian fear is often considered the Mafia or prostitutes. Establish communication easy while realize that normal. I have a girl there was a German. I hung out a lot of the German diaspora, there was a case at the club until it buhie Anglic dokapalis, I went on, they began to run into me, like let's go get out, I'm ***, four on one, but she tells them it's my guy, he's from Russia because I saw the corner of his eye as the one that stood behind me as the type shows his hand on his neck as if cutting the throat of the type do not have to touch me, and now all the rest *** and took away (I thought the mafia type grohnu).

8) Anglic love those who do not Anglic substitute. There was a case of one Russian guy, I do not know him, he's a friend of my friend Scot, so he worked at a factory in the suburbs of London and went on to celebrate the new year hanging out in London, the plant at that time someone broke in to the checkpoint and there broke Coca-school machine that sells Coke and robbed of everything. So all together piled up on the guy, like he did. And if the Scot did not go in there and the police would not have written the statement that this guy was with him during the New Year in London that guy would be planted.

Well, so there is, in general,

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