In Madrid, established under the heat of 40 degrees

July 6, 2013. Spain is sweltering. In Spain, the weather was hot. The temperature was below 40 degrees Celsius brought winds from the Sahara.

On Thursday, the 15 Spanish provinces fell under the control of heat. Hot air from the Sahara brought wind. As a result, in Madrid promise — 37 in Seville — under 40.

A resident of Madrid, "Yes, very hot. I try to drink plenty of water. Right now I do not have a bottle, but usually I try to carry it with you. Here's bought a hat and sunglasses. "

But tourists from Britain such a cool foggy weather — very congenial. They say they have, in Wales, the sun is taken as a luxury.

Tourists from the UK: "We checked the weather and saw that there will be 38. So we expected that. It is for this we are. We like the sun. Sun and Spain, the Spanish beer. "

According to the Spanish Meteoagency, the heat will last for several days, reaching its peak in the coming Monday. In Galicia, Andalusia and the Canary Islands declared a danger of forest fires.

Source: New Tang Dynasty Television

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