In Myanmar, there was a new earthquake

In Myanmar, there was a new earthquake Natural Disasters

In the South Asian country of Myanmar (Burma), again there was an earthquake, this time near the newly-made capital city Naypyidaw. Fortunately, this time there was no casualties and widespread destruction, but not in the earthquake, which occurred a few days ago.

New impetus had power of 4.8 points and there was a 56 km south of the capital city. Data on deaths from a push force of 6.8 points and repeated episodes constantly refined. According to latest information, the cataclysm took the life of 26 people, about 230 were injured. In some places, there is information about the 11 who died, because when calculating some victims may have been mentioned twice.
Considerable damage was done, the infrastructure and the city of Mandalay Shvebo, where hundreds of homes and industrial buildings, schools, bridges and mining plants require major repairs. Smaller city almost turned into purgatory, especially post aftershocks. The authorities have assured the international organizations offering their assistance, that Myanmar was preparing for the worst and is now able to overcome the effects of the earthquake itself.

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