In New Zealand earthquake damaged the Parliament

The quake led to the formation of cracks on the roads

July 21, 2013. In New Zealand's capital city Wellington earthquake, which damaged the parliament building and caused a brief stoppage of trains.

6.5-magnitude quake lasted about a minute. Its center was located 57 kilometers south of the coast at a depth of about 10 km.

Authorities said there is no danger of a tsunami, despite the damage caused to buildings and power lines.

The earthquake occurred at 17:09 local time, and the impetus was felt as far north, down to the district of Auckland.


In Wellington, many buildings in the center of broken windows in shops goods fell off the shelves, some burst water main pipes, but no casualties were reported.

Wellington resident James Barwell said the quake led to power outages in the suburbs of the capital and the temporary closure of the airport.

"Some of the damage was, is broken glass everywhere, — he told the BBC BBC. — For the first time people panicked screams were heard, everyone thought that the repeated Christchurch. "

In February 2011, as a result of an earthquake of magnitude 6.3 near Christchurch killed 185 people.

Over the past few days in the south of the northern part of New Zealand, there were several aftershocks.

New Zealand is situated in an earthquake fault line in the area of the Pacific, where often there are powerful volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. On average, the country is more than 14,000 aftershocks, of which only 20 have a magnitude greater than 5 points.

Source: BBC Russian Service


In New Zealand, there was a strong earthquake

July 21, 2013. The U.S. Geological Survey registered the earthquake off the coast of New Zealand's 6.9 magnitude. The tremors occurred near Seddon and the capital Wellington. According to the official portal of the geological measurements in New Zealand Geonet, there were no casualties.

Source: RT

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