In Peru, fell out-of-season snow

June 13, 2013. In the largest financial, industrial and commercial center of Arequipa region of Peru was off-season snowfall. A sudden cold was a serious blow to the residents of San Juan de Tarukani who live in houses whose roofs are thatched.

Snowfall was going on for several days in a row. Was damaged 80 homes. For local residents, snow and frost are a tragedy, because the cold — unusual for this region, and people are not prepared to endure cold weather.

Cold snap may adversely affect the health impact of South American camels, alpacas. It depends on them the main income Chilean citizens living in the region. Snowy shroud camels deprived of access to food. The administration of the affected area is going to ask for help from the central government to save 33 thousand alpacas home, walking in the mountains.

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In southern Peru dropped out-of-season snow

June 13, 2013. Heavy snowfall hit the southern Peruvian region of Arequipa. Snow fell in the region for several days in a row that has had its negative effects. The order of 80 houses with thatched roofs and their owners from the San Juan de Tarukani hit by a cold snap. The district has dropped from 250 to 350 mm of snow.

For local residents suddenly fallen snow can be a real disaster. Lowering the temperature of the air and the fact that a three-day snowfall completely sheltered green pastures, bad for the health of alpacas, a South American camels, which are the main source of income of the southern Chileans. The district administration is even going to request support from the central government to provide food and medicine for 33 thousand people walking through the mountains home alpacas that because of snow have been unable to eat.

The residents of Arequipa will also receive assistance in the form of warm clothing for children and senior citizens. It is also planned to carry out the replacement of roofs of the houses, propped-fallen snow. Throughout June, the region may have a temperature below normal, which even led to the closure of a local airport.


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