In Portugal, there was a tornado

In Portugal, there was a tornado Natural Disasters

Tornado sweeping through teriitorii Lagoa Sul in Portugal caused chaos. Throughout the city lay overturned cars, wind tore rooted trees, felled billboards, broke off balconies and roofs of houses. Some houses were destroyed from top to bottom in a matter of minutes. As a result, about a hundred people were left without homes.

As the tornado occurred in the middle of the day, most residents were at work, at school or on the street. After the tornadoes in some areas Lagoa Sul took power outages. This only accelerated the spread of panic. According to police, while the element of about a dozen people were injured in a pair of cases, the state suffered estimated as critical.
Final data on the damage caused by an unexpected tornado still pending. In the meantime, local rescue organization and the team invited from neighboring villages, trying to clear away the rubble and quickly bring the city back to normal. In the works involved rescue helicopter.
Besides Lagoa Sul also suffered a small village Ferragudo and Albufeira, they were flooded. The region has a "orange" key risk, as showers and thunderstorms continue to cause problems for people already affected by the tornado. In addition, the expected increase in the height of the waves up to 5 meters.

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